YouTube Originals Will be Available for Everyone Next Month

Starting September 24th, YouTube is going to make its streaming service, YouTube Originals, available for everyone.

This reveal comes from an email that YouTube sent to its premium members yesterday. The email also mentioned the date for this change.

What is YouTube Originals?

YouTube Originals content is currently available to premium members only. It comes through YouTube’s paid premium streaming service that allows you to watch YouTube’s exclusive list of TV series and films.

Starting September 24, most YouTube Originals series, movies and live events will be free to watch with ads for “non-members”.

Premium will still be High Tier

There is still a tiering system between paid members and free members. Paid members get ad-free content, and are able to access every episode of a new season immediately. Free members will have to sit through ads and wait for each episode to be released over time.

Paid members also get exclusive access to bonus content such as directors’ cuts and extra scenes. YouTube also reminds premium members that they can download all this content for offline playback.

Not Everything is Free

Also, not all content is going to be free. YouTube has given a list of its Originals content that will still be exclusive to premium members. You can see the full list of premium-only content on YouTube’s blog post.

Any other content that is not on the list will be available to free members.