Pakistan Railways Breaks All Revenue Records in FY2018-19

Pakistan Railways (PR) has achieved its highest-ever revenue of Rs. 54.60 billion during the financial year 2018-19, 10.30% higher compared to FY 2017-18 where it earned Rs. 49.5 billion.

The government claims that through special initiatives, PR has managed to generate additional revenue of Rs. 10 billion that helped reduce its annual deficit by Rs. 4 billion and absorption of an additional Rs. 6 billion in respect of increasing cost of fuel, salaries, and pensions. The annual deficit of Pakistan Railways also decreased from Rs. 36 billion to Rs. 32 billion.

According to the performance report, Pakistan Railways has added 24 new passenger trains to its fleet, all refurbished locally at PR installations at Lahore and Islamabad. These new trains attracted 8 million new passengers and earned an additional revenue of Rs. 5 billion.

The number of yearly rail passengers has also increased to 70 million. Moreover, PR also increased its freight volume from 4% to 7% by introducing special container goods trains.

Pakistan Railways has also introduced a LIVE tracking system and free Wi-Fi at major stations. It has also established a state-of-the-art Command & Control Centre at Lahore Headquarters to improve the safety and efficiency of the railway network. More than 1 million customers are availing Free Live Tracking through their smartphones.

PR also retrieved 383 acres of encroached land worth Rs. 30 billion. Other than that, it also recovered 38 KM of the 43 KM long Karachi Circular Railway land from encroachers.

The report states that the free ticket facility has been extended to 4 trips per year for passengers aged 75 years or more.

There is also a 50% discount on tickets for passengers aged over 65 years.

  • Out of the Rs 5 Billion increase in revenue around Rs 4.5 Billion is due to increase in prices. menghai kar kay kush ho rahe hai. wahhh

  • lol, bewakoof bana rahe awaam ko. Billion mein kitne zero hote hai pata hai? Na koi nayi rail chali ulta kam karin hein trains. Paisa bada kar profit dikha rahe. $3 billion toh UAE ne diye the hamein. Kya usse jyada revenue pakistan railway ka hai?

    • lala g wo 3 Billion dollar hai aur yeh revene Rupees mein hain… lol… 3 billion dollar Pakistani Rupees mein 480 Billion Rupees bunta.. isliye UAE nay ju diya wo zyda hai…

  • Increase in revenue does not mean service is improved…still pathetic condition of cabins and trains are late

  • The railway has a tremendous effect. If the trains abide by the schedule and with online ticket system, it would be a game-changer.

  • Bringing more trains on track is no more beneficial, its typically cosmetic and artificial boom, if PR administration is serious then following would be more beneficia
    P train timing should be adjusted
    General cleanliness in train
    Passengers friendly
    Luggage tracking with train tracking should be improved
    R stations all Vanders, shops fare as per market rates
    All Railway parking lots in کراچی, لاہور rawalpindi should be audited and award as per market rates,
    Online booking should be convenient
    Biometric attendance
    All records should be computerised
    All reserved land should be on record of Geo mapping.
    Annually transplant audit by international fromes.
    And railways lands deportment, and police, deptt should need to be more vigilant.

  • Dear writer!
    It seems Fake story Dear. do you know what are conditions of trains now ? how late they are coming? remember live tracking is not PR achievement, it is gifted, in these conditions how can they reduce loss

  • Dear Trains are running too late and People suffer (yeh English wala suffer hai bhai). Ticket price going higher day by day. conditions if trains are very poor. is it achievement?

  • Such stats should be shown in dollars to get true picture
    FY 2017-18 main Rs. 49.5 billion kay zada US dollars mil jate.
    Technically, there is no improvement.

  • Well Done. Pakistan railways increased their fair charges, increased in revenue might be the reason of increasing in fair charges. otherwise train schedule has reached to its worst condition. When it comes train timing I think we are still in 2008-2013.

  • Train timing ma bhi record azafa hoa ha daily late ho rahi ha kaya bat ha railway ki

  • In 2018 the price of 1 US$ was PKR 108 and as of today 1 US$ is surging at PKR 160. If Pakistan Railways made a profit of 49.5 Billion Rupees in 2017-18 and keeping the profit at the same ratio with the increase in dollar price the profit for the fiscal year 2018-19 would have been 73.3 Billion Rupees whereas it has merely reached 54.6 Billion Rupees, which is a decline, and not increase. In other and simpler words previously the profit after dividing with dollars was 458.3 million US$ and for the current year it would be 353 million US$. Therefore practically the profit was actually a loss after increasing the fares and wrongfully shown to public. It is the time that public knows the truth and do not think we are living in dark ages its 2019 mind it. Therefore, please gather the fact and figures and then publish something on the electric media and stop doing propaganda against previous governments.

  • Nice but after add more trains all the train going late and late
    Railway ministee should take action seriously

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