German Embassy is Distributing Cloth Bags to Support the Plastic Bag Ban

Following the ban on using plastic bags in Islamabad, the local city administration has vowed to make the capital plastic bag free in 45 days.

In order to help the government, the German Embassy in Islamabad is handing out non-plastic bags to everyone.


Anyone Found Using Plastic Bags in Islamabad Will Have to Pay Heavy Fines

The staff of the German Embassy visited the schools, markets, and parking lots to distribute cloth bags among the masses. A tweet by APP shows several pictures of the German Embassy’s staff distributing the bags in Islamabad.

“After the ban of plastic bags entered into force in #Islamabad, we distributed cloth bags today at a Government school, Aabpara market & Blue Area. Important to raise people’s awareness of #avoidPlastic for the sake of our environment! #Reuse is the only solution,” reads the tweet shared by the state-owned press agency.

  • We are Pakistani we remain happy on receiving anything irrespective of its worth. German Embassy is gifting bags in its national colours. We are thankful to them. however, it would have been better if our own government would bring forward all stake holders and NGOs to substitute plastic bags before putting ban on it.

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    Great idea by the German Embassy for promoting the plastic bag free environment. Our philanthropists and the the civil society activists should also come forward help the people of the society and make them aware by distributing the cloth bags or recycled plastic bags.

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