Google Introduces Live Edits for Visually Impaired Users

Over the past few years, Google has introduced several accessibility features designed for people with certain impairments. It recently released a sound amplifier to make conversations more audible in noisy surroundings, followed by Live Transcribe to help people with hearing impairments understand what everyone around them is talking about.

Their most recent release is the Google Docs’ ‘Live Edits’ which helps the visually impaired stay updated on changes made by the collaborators. Users will be able to track a single contributor or everyone working on the document by enabling Live Edits from the settings.

The feature is designed for use with Braille displays and screen readers like ChromeVox, NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, etc. Changes in the documents will be read out loud to the visually impaired users via their voice device.

The feature is rolling out today and will be available for all G-suite editions in the coming weeks. Live Edits are available in Google Docs’ accessibility settings.