Flood Warning Issued for River Sutlej

In the next 24 hours, river Sutlej is highly likely to flood at Ganda Singh Wala.

In Lahore, the Met Department’s Flood Forecasting Division has said that currently, the downstream discharge stands at 57,000 cusecs near Ganda Singh Wala, meaning that the river is below the flooding level. However, this could potentially change with the water quantity rising to anywhere between 140,000 cusecs to 150,000 cusecs within the next twenty four hours.

According to sources at the Flood Forecasting Division, Ganda Singh Wala – the entry point for Sutlej into Pakistan – was at 48,000 cusecs (low flood) at 4 pm. They said that the level is steadily rising with the discharge set to reach 100,000 cusecs by Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning, it will peak at 140,000 cusecs (high flood) and afterward, the level will gradually fall.

Currently, the Palku nullah situated near Sialkot is experiencing a low-level flood and all rivers of Punjab are flowing normally.