Sindh Cancels Contract With Chinese Company for Failing to Keep Karachi Clean

The Sindh government has put a Chinese company on notice for failing to fulfill its contract and cleaning Karachi’s streets.

A Chinese waste management company had inked a contract with Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) in October 2017. According to the agreement, the company was responsible for keeping the West districts clean, including Malir.

Contrary to the expectations, the Chinese company failed severely as the city stunk with heaps of garbage at every nook and corner.

Collecting the garbage from every door was the critical component of the legal binding, but the company could not manage it.

SSWMB said that it had sent various notices to the company and now its license will be canceled.

According to SSWMB, the contractor neither kept the roads, streets, neighborhoods, and footpaths clean nor did it take any steps to create public awareness around the problem.

Chief Secretary Sindh expressed concerns over the performance of Sindh Solid Waste Management Board and directed to cancel the contract of the company responsible for cleaning in the District East. He also suggested placing at least 4,000 dustbins on various locations within three days.

The provincial chief secretary also urged for coordinated efforts for cleanliness in the city.