PUBG To Get Helicopter, Hovercraft, New Map & Guns in Major Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG has gained massive popularity over the past few years, the fan base soared after Tencent Games (PUBG developers) released a PUBG mobile Lite version for players with hardware and connectivity limitations. The current players have reached halfway through season 8 but are as hyped up as ever. The new season is a few weeks away and Tencent Games have released a bunch of beta updates for the Chinese version, which will eventually make it to the global version with the next season (most probably).

The updates were showcased in a leaked video by a famous PUBG tipster Mr. Ghost Gaming. The updates expected in the mobile version were first seen in the PC version.

Helicopters and BRDMs

Tencent Games, in a previous statement, confirmed that they are working on a newer version of the Erangel map. The update has already been rolled out for PUBG PC but for PUBG mobile, it is in the works. The new map will include a helicopter that will spawn on a helipad at the top of a school. A previous leak suggested stationary helicopters on the ground but according to Mr. Ghost Gaming, the helicopters will be very much flyable. This Boeing AH-6 light like a helicopter will be able to accommodate an entire squad. Like all the other vehicles, the helicopter will be destroyable.

The next vehicle, the leak promises, is the BRDM combat ground vehicle, already available in PUBG PC. The vehicle is not always available to players, rather, it needs to be spawned. It will be durable against gunfire and explosions and will help players travel on both, land and water.

New weapons

Since spawning the above-mentioned vehicles will provide a higher ground to most of the players, Tencent Games have decided to provide homing missile launchers, grenade launchers, and an RPGs to level the playing field. These weapons will be available via special underground loot crates that will rise up once the users meet certain conditions.

For now, these features are only available in China. We don’t know when Tencent Games will launch them globally.

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