Highlights Of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Address on the Kashmir Issue

Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to the nation on Monday night to take his people into confidence on the government’s strategy against Indian barbarism in the Occupied Kashmir.

In his address, the Prime Minister gave a future course of action of his government in this regard and vowed to go to any lengths to support the Kashmir cause.

Here are the highlights of what PM Khan said:

About Peace With India

Khan started by saying that he wanted to clarify the government’s policy and stance on Kashmir and called a ‘decisive moment’ in the history of the Kashmir freedom movement.

He reflected that his government had a ‘peace with all’ policy since he assumed office last year.

“We remodeled our foreign policy and mended ties with neighbors and brotherly countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We catalyzed the peace process in Afghanistan because a settled Afghanistan suites us.”

Imran Khan maintained that he wanted the same with India, so he offered to begin the dialogue process in his victory speech.

No More Peace Talks

However, the Pulwama incident followed by India’s lobbying against the country in the FATF to bankrupt Pakistan made him realized that the arch-rival is no mood for peace.

“First they had elections coming up, so we waited under the impression that when elections conclude, the situation will be different. Then Pulwama happened; a Kashmiri man blew himself up.”

“After the elections, we realized that the Modi-led Indian government was on an entirely different agenda. They wanted to isolate Pakistan economically.”

He mentioned that his government has, in principle, decided not to indulge in any talks with the Indian government and to react aggressively on the Kashmir issue.

Exposing Modi’s RSS Ideology

He said that by annexing IOK in India, Modi has laid Nehru’s ideology of secular India to rest. The message to the world is that India is for Hindus only.

Imran Khan vowed to unmask Modi’s Hitler-like RSS ideology to the world.

“I have spoken to so many heads of states and apprised them of what is actually happening in India,” the premier said. He added that he would advocate the Kashmiris on every international forum including the United Nations’ General Assembly (UNGA) session next month.

Khan added that he will inform the world leaders of the Indian government’s pro-RSS ideology, which is based on the hate against Muslims, Christians and every other minority in the country.

“They want to build a Hindus-specific country – but we will expose them.”

Kashmir Has A New Ambassador

The Prime Minister said that he would represent the Kashmir issue in the world adding that he would meet the various world leaders in the US next month and will inform them about the Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Besides, Pakistan will mobilize its embassies and its diaspora in countries like US, Germany, UK, and France to demonstrate against Indian move on Kashmir to increase awareness around Modi’s intentions.

Modi Fueled Kashmir Freedom Movement

PM Khan said that the revocation of Article 370 actually helped the Kashmir cause. “Over the years, the Kashmir issue remained on the sidelines in the international forums. No one spoke on the issue, but now, it has been internationalized.”

The Security Council discussed in a recent advisory meeting, and they are concerned. Also, the international media is engaged in Kashmir like never before. They are openly covering Indian army’s atrocities in the valley and the massive protests against them. All this is thanks to Modi’s annexation move.

30-minute Solidarity Events for Kashmir

The Prime Minister urged the nation to stay positive on the Kashmir issue.

I have seen people demoralizing themselves due to some Muslim countries’ ignorance around the Kashmir cause. If some of the Muslim countries are not with us today due to economic or other reasons, they will be with us in the future.

He later invited the nation to join the government’s 30-minute solidarity event for Kashmir on every Friday from 12 to 12:30 pm.

He said the solidarity events will continue until the UNGA session takes place. The theme would be different every week.

Media’s Positive Role

Khan hailed Pakistan media’s decisive role in highlighting the Kashmir problem globally.

It is because of our media that the international press has understood the RSS ideology. The media has still a lot to do in the Kashmir movement.

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  • imran aur bajwa apne bachon ko send kare kashmir mein jihad karne ke lye, lakin woh toh in nikammon loser se hoga nai. My fellow Pakistanis listen to me very carefully, Imran is very big fraud, stay away from him.

  • Imran Khan and his cabinet has failed miserably in managing economy and foreign policy. Indian Foreign minister and Modi are visiting every country and our Foreign Minister was visiting the marriage ceremony of Hamza Abbasi and other local events in the past days. And Imran Khan is visiting which foreign country right now?

    Our priorities are wrong and our economy is on the verge of collapse. Governance is not Khan’s cup of tea. His speech writers are good and he is good in speeches. Practically he cannot manage this country and that is a fact.

    • WOW sane people still exist +1 Staff of this blog are continuously deleting my comments, no more freedom of speech.

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