PlA to Add 12 New Planes to Its Fleet by 2023

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the purchase of 12 new planes for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

The decision was taken during the aviation division’s meeting with Prime Minister yesterday.


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Federal Minister for Aviation Chaudhry Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Dr. Hafeez Shaikh, Aviation Secretary Shahrukh Nusrat and PIA chief executive Air Marshal Arshad Malik were also present at the meeting.

PIA CEO Arshad Malik briefed the Prime Minister about the airline’s business plan and its need for new aircraft.


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Directing the airline to improve its facilities for passengers, PM Khan ordered the finance ministry to assist PIA for the purchase of the new planes.

The airline aims to add a total of 12 new planes to its fleet by 2023. This will take the PIA’s fleet up to 45.


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“In the first phase,” Malik said, “we will acquire four planes by next year.”

He said that these planes will be medium-sized and will be used for internal and smaller international routes.

    • Bongi marnay se pehle yeh to parh lo k a380 kitnay ka hai and kitna fuel lagta hai? Kya poora jahaz bhar lo gay?

    • A380 ki jagha 2 A350 ya B787 chal sakty hain. Jin k pass A380 wo band kr rhy idhr apni bongi mar rhy.

      LHE to KHI
      Cost of single A380 flight = 5 A320Neo flights.

      Which one is better?

  • Aslam o aliykum kindly take Boing 787_10 it’s fuel efficient and good plane is well and also please puts some intertenment system as well in old plane pia most of have not entertainment system those have inflight systems may not works properly

  • Hi All, its better to add A350 900 and Boing 777300er than any other planes or 787 9 is also a good choice so those ACrafts whom are already in operation the small ACrafts i mean like A330or A320 it should used as domestic flights as a member of Emirates Airlines i will suggest PIA to do so, otherwise they know everything they dont need anyone’s suggestions esp at this time. So after as per my suggestion they can use the wide body Acrafts as for international flights we are only seeing mostly here in dxb they are sending A320 B777 200 sometime, so i mean it could make higher the reputation of our country and attract passengers also to travel with. AND IN THE LAST PLEASE SOMEONE BRIEF TO THE PILOTS OF OUR RESPECTED NATIONAL FLAG CARRIER TO NOT DISPLY THE NEWS PAPERS AS THE SUNBLOCKER IN THE AIRCRAFT FRONT GLASS WINDOWS.. THANKS ALL

  • Guy I appreciate your responses
    The A380 comment is not by an aviation enthusiast like you so don’t criticise him it’s ok if he likes something and have seen it with bigger airlines and would like to see it with his own national career

  • With that said, I agree as an aviation enthusiast
    I feel we shouldn’t go to A350s because we still don’t have proper airbus infrastructure… But since we have a big fleet of 777s operating 787s would be a good upgrade and step towards making PIA profitable. We do have A320s yes but those are narrow body and maintainence of narrows and wides require bigger administration and rather more responsible management

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