Facebook is Adding Screen Sharing to Messenger Soon

Screen sharing is not a new feature by any means. It’s mostly used by power users or businessmen during conference calls, however, that may change soon thanks to Facebook.

The screen sharing option, until a few months ago, was only limited to laptops. This changed when Skype added support for mobile screen sharing, due to growing interest in the feature.

Now, Facebook is reportedly working on its own mobile screen sharing feature for the Facebook messenger. Jane Manchun Wong, a famous reverse engineer, recently spotted the new option while fiddling with the application’s code.

The feature is called ‘Share Your Screen Together’ and when activated will capture everything happening on your display.

On activation, the first prompt says, “You can share your favorite content with your video chat. This turns off your camera and lets everyone in the chat see your screen.” Followed by a warning message that there might be personal and private information on your screen that will be captured.

Unlike Skype, once you activate screen sharing, your video camera automatically shuts down and neither user can see each other in a picture-in-picture window.

The feature will have a range of applications like discussing work or study-related documents from your phone, real-time walkthroughs on-screen, quickly sharing a range of photos or videos, etc.

It’s not very popular right now but with Facebook planning to launch it soon, screen-sharing will see mainstream use quite soon.

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