PIA Pilots Resign Over ‘Unfavourable Environment’: PALPA

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots are resigning over ‘unfavorable’ working environment of the airlines. Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (PALPA) shared the news in its report yesterday.

The conducive environment of PIA has been resulting in the non-retention of its talent as eight pilots have resigned this year while many others are considering this option.

It said that the pilots were forced to quit due to the airline’s “poor policies and unfair scheduling of flights.”

PALPA also mentioned the reasons/circumstances under which each pilot quit:

First Officer Khurram Baloch resigned on 17 August. He served the airline for nine years and had to quit after feeling suffocated in the current working environment.

Another official, Captain Adnan Ahmed Malik, mentioned the dysfunctional organizational culture at PIA the main reason for his resignation in his letter.

Other pilots who resigned this year include:

  • Capt Faisal Younis (after 15 years of service)
  • Captain Bakhtawar Hussain Jaffery (after 19 years of service)
  • Captain Sadia Aziz (after 15 years of service)
  • F/O Alison Oscar (after seven years of service)
  • F/O Humza Zain (after nine years of service)
  • F/O Zuhair Ilyas (after four years of service)

Earlier, President Pakistan Air Line Pilots’ Association (PALPA) Rizwan Gondal had written a letter to the Director-General Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority mentioning the fatigue that changes in flight duty and time limitation (FDTL) has caused.

He mentioned that this cost-cutting exercise was compromising flight safety.

    • It doesn’t matter what degree they have if they can do their job. PIA has bigger problems than fake degrees.

  • Previously they were enjoyimg all the facilities and were taking it as for granted, but now halal kartay huey mot par rhi he isliye resign kr rhe hn. R may be in mn se aksar fake degrees walay bhi ho saktay hn.

  • To all the aviation gurus commenting on the article and blaming the pilots kindly bother to read the aviation and scheduling policies of an airline rather than commenting “halal kartay hoay maut arahe hai” and not to forget “fake degree walay hongay” it’s one of the reasons there’s a brain drain in your country and your stupid assumptions as aviation gurus with zero background about aviation and how it runs, no wonder they’ll work for international airlines where they deserve the respect.

    • PIA was the only best airline from last 15-20 years, Thanks to these “Brainy” people which they will work for other countries and Pakistan will be “Brain Drain”. Allah Hidayat de. Ameen.

  • Good riddance, PIA is a bloody burden on PAkistani taxpayer the more ppl are removed the better for Pakistan.

  • taxpayer pe govmnt ziada burden rather then PIA.or jo log resign kar k gaye hai sab k sab better oppurtunities ki waja se resign kar k gaye hai…PALPA bus unki resgination ko use kar rahi hai.thats all

  • These guys left PIA because they get jobs in gulf airlines, it’s nothing do PIA management, palpa is miss using their example….

    • Said very correctly sir. Palpa is a team of black mailers. Read my further comment, in the comments section.

    • Gulf airlines must be paying better then? Who will pilot PIA’s planes then?

      PIA is bankrupt anyway. I guess these guys saw the writing on the wall and moved to airlines with better financials.

  • There was a time when there was hardly any turnover as far as the pilots are concerned. This news is alarming and the authorities should take it as a warning before it is too late. All the Managements in the past were also confident that every thing is fine but the time has proven that there was nothing but bad news. It is high time for the government to react rather than being contended with what the management is saying and then cry over spilled milk.

  • These guys left PIA because they get jobs in gulf airlines, it’s nothing do PIA management, palpa is miss using their example….

  • lol thanks God at least they are learing spaace for new comers…. ill be more intrested to know that where they have joined now :)???? Obviously some where with better perks and benifits :) Many shaheen airline captains are available ever since that airline closed :) so nothing to worry about

  • Correct that pilots are leaving for better pay elsewhere but still a question mark on PIA that why it is not competitive enough with other airlines. ticket price higher but customer care low is the main feature of PIA.

    • Because there is no profit motive. They have every advantage but without any profit motive there is no accountability. It’s why the bottled water bullshit from Fawad Chaudry will end up being another white elephant that taxpayers will have to bailout in the future.

  • I travel trough PIA first time, feel really sorry and ashamed on that this is our national flight, useless and dirty seats and windows are not clean properly, very ashamed need too much focus to improve it, after all this is our national flight and leave an image on traveler’s of all over the world…

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