These Were the Top 6 Independence Day Ads This Year

Every year, major brands and organizations in the country launch their Independence Day campaigns that showcase their love for Pakistan as well as their services for the country and its citizens. This year was no exception with major brands and companies running their campaigns across the nation.

PTCL Sab ka Aitebar

PTCL was one such company which ran its campaign based on the slogan, “PTCL Sab Ka Aitebar”. The campaign focused on the fact that PTCL doesn’t just provide internet, landline or TV services to our houses but it also empowers Pakistan.

PTCL has a lesser-known corporate side that was showcased in this campaign along with the B2B side of things. PTCL is providing connectivity to most corporations we are dependent on.

From the ATMs we use to withdraw money to the airlines we fly with and the submarine cables that connect Pakistan to the world, all of these things are only possible through PTCL – the backbone of connectivity in Pakistan.

The telecom operator’s video ad reached over 13 million people and was viewed by over 7 million users, boasting astounding numbers.

This was not the only Independence Day campaign that caught our eye, here are a few of our favorites:

EFU Pakistan– EFU Life Ka Shaheen

Taking inspiration from Allama Iqbal’s Shaheen, EFU Life had Pakistan’s biggest holographic display to remind us about our past and that to overcome our challenges was through unity and freedom.

The mesmerizing holographic display had the Shaheen flying around national monuments of Pakistan.

Huawei – Embrace The Green in You

Dream without any limits & see it all in front of your eyes without missing any bit. #EmbraceTheGreenInYou #HUAWEIY9Prime2019

Geplaatst door Huawei Mobile op Zondag 11 augustus 2019

The Mobile giant appealed to the patriotic spirit in all of us with the introduction of its Emerald Green version of Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 –the perfect way to embrace the green in you.

Tapal – Hamari Nationalitea

Tapal ran a brilliant Independence Day campaign that reminded us of one other thing apart from food and cricket that binds us a nation – tea. The campaign shows that from snow-capped peaks to the sandy beaches in the south no matter what the occasion or the weather, there is always room for chai!

Habib Metropolitan Bank – Badlo Bartao

Habib Metropolitan Bank had a unique campaign as they reminded that nation that while we gained independence from the British seven decades ago, that independence extends to our behavior as well.

We have the freedom of choice and Habib Metro, playing on this theme, shed light on significant issues that need to be addressed like the environment and being a more tolerant and open society.

Always Pakistan – Always Azaad

Another brilliant Independence Day campaign was run by Always Pakistan with the aptly titled “Always Azaad”. The company highlighted the fact that due to the high cost of sanitary pads, most women miss out on school days while they are menstruating. Always pledged to donate a pack of pads with each social media engagement on their posts commenting “Always Azaad” and at the time of this article, the company has donated 55,000 packs of always.