PM Imran Khan Issues Red Letter to 28 Ministries & Divisions

Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued a ‘red letter’ to 28 ministries and divisions upon ‘critical delay’ in completion of assigned tasks.

In bureaucratic terms, the red letter is a final warning and a sign of utter displeasure on any displeasing act.


Issuance of such a letter from the highest authority is a clear message to the related ministries and divisions that no further extension will be granted in the timeline of the high-priority tasks.

The final notice by the PM Office was circulated on Thursday reminding of the ‘critical delay’ in completion of the tasks that were due to be completed within 30 days, with effect from August 2, 2019.

To bring clarity and do away with any confusion in the matter, two briefing sessions were convened for the focal persons, ie, one from the main ministry/division on July 25, 2019 which was prior to assignment of the tasks and another on July 30, 2019 for the focal persons of the attached department.

It mentioned that a yellow letter (equivalent to a reminder) was issued on August 17 to intimate that half of the timeline had passed.

Despite the above-stated situation, the tasks got critically delayed and now laying overdue at your end.

The notice urged the concerned ministries to complete the tasks in all respect by September 9 – before submitting a compliance report to PM Khan.

It also warned that non-completion or undue delay will factor in ministries’ performance reports.

Therefore, all other tasks whose timelines are not yet expired shall specifically be looked into, please.

Some of the tasks assigned to the ministries are listed below:

  • Provision of the list of vacancies at all levels for framing or update of the recruitment rules,
  • The list of positions vacant at all levels that could be re-designated, rationalized or deleted,
  • And, names of officers/officials (all type of ex-cadres) on the promotion list facing delay due to various reasons.
  • Also, a timely action against government employees facing disciplinary proceedings

  • The PM should get rid of all such useless Ministers who just want to utilize their seats by just sitting on it & come up with nothing productive. There has to be a message that needs to be conveyed to good for nothing Ministers.

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