NADRA Introduces New Policy for Obtaining a CNIC

The National Database Regulation Authority (NADRA) has introduced a new policy for issuance of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) and other documents.

Under the new policy, a birth certificate won’t be required to get a new CNIC and B-Form. All you need to provide are copies of a matriculation certificate, a domicile, a passport, and your parents’ CNICs.

Furthermore, the condition of a marriage certificate for obtaining the wife’s CNIC has been removed. The husband’s CNIC copy, along with a Rs. 20 affidavit is all you need.

Likewise, lodging an FIR is no longer mandatory if you lose your CNIC. People can obtain a new CNIC by submitting an undertaking on a stamp paper regarding the loss/theft of the card.

The government has also done away with the requirement of a newspaper advertisement in case of a name change.

Moreover, UC chairman and councilors won’t have the authority to attest documents for CNIC applications.

    • The current biometric systen is crap. They don’t even have retina scan or any alternative for disbaled persons.
      This thing won’t let me get a bank account, a SIM and so on. (I’m disbaled)

      • Ali, you can contact NOWPDP who will guide you on how to get your special CNIC (and the disability certificate before that) and from there on you can open a bank account and get your own SIM

      • There is already alternative provided to banks, verisys to verify. Eye Retina is also problmetic for disability and mental disorder cases.
        In this regard you may check sbp policy.
        For your information only.

  • i want to obtain my wife’s CNIC,
    can it be made upon showing only my CNIC and an affidavit?
    would it be necessary to show her parents CNIC?

  • Well it is a revolutionary steps to get easily nic cards should be imposed or issue orders immediately to registration authorities

  • Sir there were news of obtaining succession certificate from NADRA, but no service is available for it. Can you please confirm that news and when it will be operational for submitting the succession certificate.

  • I have applied for cnic renewal online. After all the details and fees payment, that form is still showing me to get It attested. Is there any change in online application??

  • So does that make it easier for foreign wives to obtain a card? Or does it only apply for women of nationals?

  • Looks like another way of brushing something under the carpet when thousands of fake (so called) CNICs are being blocked/cancelled and identifying Afghanis etc.

    Second innings players, also at NADRA, should learn from their mistakes rather make new blunders.

    Atleast new CINC issuance should be subject to stricter yet viable procedures and not flawed ones.

  • How can one produce a copy of passport for getting CNIC ???For obtaining passport you have to have CNIC before hand!!!!!!!

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