Here are the KIA Picanto Official Pre-Booking Details [Updated]

KIA Lucky Motors has started the pre-booking for its recently launched hatchback Picanto in Pakistan from 14th September.

The company has decided to join the Pakistan auto-industry after a decade and this time with a long-term investment plan.

Picanto will be KIA’s third car launch in Pakistan. Previously, the company has already introduced Grand Carnival and Sportage. However, both the vehicles were geared to attract the high-end customer base.

KIA Picanto will compete against the likes of Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Wagon R and Faw V2 as it is also a 1000cc car.

Pre-Booking Details

KIA has launched two variants of Picanto in Pakistan and here are the pre-booking prices disclosed by the company itself:

  • KIA Picanto Manual Variant — Rs. 949,000
  • KIA Picanto Automatic Variant — Rs. 999,000

The ex-factory prices of both variants have also been disclosed by the company and are as following:

  • KIA Picanto Manual Variant — Rs.1,899,000
  • KIA Picanto Automatic Variant — Rs.1,999,000

The customers will have the option to opt for features such as the infotainment system, branded floor mats and alloy rims for an additional cost.

There is no denying that Pakistan’s small-car industry is dominated by Suzuki; previously with Mehran and now with Wagon R and Cultus 2019. Suzuki recently also launched Alto’s 2019 model in order to remain ahead of the curve.

However, the one problem that has remained persistent with Suzuki is that the company provides less quality for a much higher price mainly due to the lack of competition in the market.

KIA will aim to change that with the launch of Picanto. Additionally, other manufacturers have also identified this issue and are working towards bringing more sustainable options for the people of Pakistan – such as Prince Pearl.

  • Car achi hai no doubt lekin Re-sale Kia ki bilkul bhi nahin Hai, 20 lac kon dega, ager dega to 2 saal baad mushkil se 10 lac ki bhi chali nai to ghanemat Hai.

  • 1.8 million for a small car, they are looking to change to suzuki behavior or helping them to sustain this??? No way too expensive, not worth it

  • same old stupid jahiloon wali soch!
    resale value this, resale value that.
    comparing to junk like City with no safety or comfort.
    let new products come, you’re buying 660 cc used cars for 1.6 to 2.0 million.
    let this economy settle and forget about resale.

  • Finally Kia is here…. they are launching 2nd generation of Picanto where all other countries they launched 3rd generation. Lets see what they have got from here.

  • Any one who is Ending monopoly of Honda, Toyota and Suzuki is well come.
    Poor thinker always talk about RESALE rather than Quality. They are purchasing poor quality, uncomfortable and no safety cars on name of RESALE.

    • Forget about resell price. How about the purchase price? It’s much higher than competing cars.

      kia soch rahe they?

  • Price Too expensive. Additional features lacks logic and justification.
    (“The customers will have the option to opt for features such as the infotainment system, branded floor mats and alloy rims for an additional cost.”)

  • wow this is going to flop so bad. it’s more expensive than the cultus despite having a similar sized engine.

  • close