This Woman is Funding Thousands of Students’ Education by Collecting Trash

A woman has funded the education of 5,000 children in Lahore during the last 13 years with the help of trash. The woman in question, Rubina Shahkeel, who operates the Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization provides free education, food, and medical facilities at her eight schools.

While speaking to a private TV channel she said,

The students belong to poor families, Parents of most children work as daily labourers, rickshaw drivers, or fruit-sellers. The children even help out their parents after school.

The organization generates around Rs. 95,000 to Rs. 100,000 monthly through the collection of roughly 21 tonnes of water every month.


Over 7,000 houses are affiliated with the organization and they have been given a list of things they can place in their trash cans including plastic bottles, old clothes, cooking utensils among others, she added.

She said,

We then send our vehicles to collect the trash, adding that then the bags are transported to the organization’s warehouse, where they are sorted. Some of the stuff can be used in their schools such as books, or good-quality clothes while others can be recycled.

She said, “It is not just trash but we also take donations and zakat,” and adding that the compassion and love shown by the people has helped her the most in her mission.

About her mission, she said that it has been hard, “There has been nothing easy about it.”

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