Here’s Why The City School is the Right Choice

Choosing an educational institute for children is a decision which has wide-ranging implications on the rest of the children and the parents’ lives. A number of factors need to be taken into consideration, which include the legacy of the school, the quality of its teachers, the kind of facilities available at the school, the achievements in results and the kind of co-curricular activities being offered to the students.

There are a variety of reasons why The City School is the best choice for parents and their children. Recently, the City School announced its O/A Levels results, which were one of the best results across Pakistan. These results pay homage to The City School philosophy—I AM TO LEARN, which was envisaged by its founder in 1978, when the first The City School branch was established in Karachi.

The City School Philosophy and Values

The City School offers value-based education which inculcates some essential values in the students from the very beginning through its curriculum, philosophy, classrooms and relationships. These include peace, respect, love, tolerance, honesty, humility, cooperation and happiness among other values. This sets The City School apart from the rest in the education industry.

The academic philosophy of The City School revolves around a student-centered approach with the integration of digital media and ICTs in an array of learning programs. The City School offers more than 120 courses each year across the age ranges and revises the courses in accordance with the experience of the students and the teachers.

The City School curriculum is derived from the UK National Curriculum and guides students from nursery up till their O and A Level examinations. The teachers are also trained on a yearly basis to take up the challenge of teaching as per the latest syllabi, as they have years of experience of being curriculum developers and syllabus writers. In addition, The City School regularly appoints curriculum consultants from the UK, to revamp the syllabus in keeping with the needs of the time – learning in the digital age.

It is due to the hard work of the teachers and the demanding syllabus, that The City School students continue to ace their Matriculation, O and A Levels’ examinations as we can see in this year’s O/A and Matriculation results and achievements.

The City School Co-Curricular Activities

However, academics are only a part of the package. The City School offers a dynamic and vibrant range of co-curricular activities to its students, which polishes students’ personality and opens up avenues for self-exploration and creativity. From Model United Nations’ debates to music, drama and sports on the one hand to internships and summer programs on the other hand.

There is something available for all types of learners within the school premises. There are also overseas trips which provide invaluable exposure to the students, by encouraging them to explore varied educational systems and cultures of different countries.

That’s not all. The City School students remain proud of their affiliation with their alma mater, so they become alumni and give back to the school in various ways by taking part in reunions, or by offering guidance to the current students through the mentorship programs.

Open Door Policy at The City School

The City School observes an open door policy for parents and for its students so that they remain closely involved and on-board with the developments at the school. The City School feels that its students are its asset, so all sorts of facilities are provided to them such as purpose-built campuses, practical classrooms, science laboratories, state-of-the-art computer labs, libraries, art and music facilities. All efforts are made to provide comfortable settings for the students, so they can enjoy the learning process and engage in an environment best suited to their needs.

In the case where parents have any queries or reservations, The City School observes an open door policy where parents can voice their concerns to their children’s teachers, and also to the highest levels of the school administration. In addition, The City School staff is also quick to provide information and respond to queries received through the school website and its social media pages. This all ensures that parents feel that their concerns are being seriously addressed, and believe that their children are in the best possible hands.

Training for the Future

The City School model is based on equipping the students not just for today, but for the future as well. The City School introduces Information Communication and Technology (ICT) education for its students from the primary level. STREAM and Robotics are also offered to pupils’ right from the start of their affiliation with the school.

By offering this holistic and futuristic education, the City School ensures that students are not just trained to take on the challenges of today’s world, but are also prepared for the challenges coming up in the future – especially those challenges that will be in the form of a newly created career opportunities that do not exist today. This is how The City School, in present times, is creating the ‘citizens of the future’.

  • The article should also mention the rampant lack of discipline in the school. Send your kids to a boarding school, if you can afford, otherwise semi-government/federal schools. These private schools are not worth the money – even in the slightest.

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  • one also has to keep an eye on these schools if they teach islamic ideology to children or not

  • Possibly the worst school. I can tell based on my personal experience. I had 2 kids there who studied for 2 years in this school. Eventually, i had to take them away because of lack of discipline and focus on studies. To top it all, incompetent people in the head office dealing with matters and feedback from parents.

    • The only thing good in city school is that there is a high chance your kid will learn good spoken English. Nothing else.

  • The City School or other private schools. Yes, they charge alot but the quality of student produced is too high. On average, these students are much higher than those produced by government schools.
    Globally Pakistani students are considered as one of most intelligent students. Kindly be sure that students of these private schools do O and A-Levels and also take part in international competitions. These schools students also get scholarships in international universities.
    They schools only need to reduce fees. Rest is all fine.

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