Facebook Wants To Track Your Location All The Time

With the launch of iOS 13 and Android 10, Facebook is warning users about new location controls being rolled out to iOS and Android devices because “Facebook works better when it is tracking you”.

The social media giant explained in a blog post that Facebook’s features work better when it can “use precise location even when you’re not using the app to make sure that alerts and tools are accurate and personalized for you.”

Android 10 will allow users to choose which apps can access the smartphone’s exact location, including the ability to allow or deny location tracking when an app is running in the background. iOS users have already had this feature for a while, but with the iOS 13 update, users will be able to choose the “allow once” option regarding location tracking.

As a response to this, Facebook is warning users that if they choose to protect their privacy, it might have an adverse impact on the app’s ability to target ads and monetize user data. Other features like Find WiFi and Nearby Friends will also stop functioning properly.

However, Facebook explains that if your device’s location setting is set to “all the time” but Facebook’s location setting is turned off, it will not track your location data when you’re not using the app.

At the same time, Facebook will be sending out warning notifications to iOS and Android users to check their location settings.

Facebook has a poor track record when it comes to user privacy, so it is strongly advised that users keep their personal data to themselves. We are being given more control over our privacy, it makes sense to use it.

  • Steps for Turn Off Facebook Location Tracking on Mobile Devices:

    1) Head to the device’s home screen.
    2) Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services.
    3) Find the Facebook app, and select “While Using the App.”
    4) Set the status to “Never.”
    5) Restart the Facebook app.

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