FBR All Set to Reduce Duties on Imported Phones by Up to 50%

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The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is planning to reduce regulatory duty (RD) on imported phones by up to 50 percent.

A summary has been forwarded to the ministry of Finance in this regard. It says that the move is aimed at providing relief to the common man.

FBR believes that doing so will not affect the overall collection as lesser duties will encourage people to import more mobiles in Pakistan.

“This reduction in duty/tax is expected to increase import volume of mobiles in Pakistan,” the summary said, adding that it will neutralize the otherwise negative impact of this measure to some extent.

The government had reduced duties and taxes on mobile phones in the last budget.

Up to 50 percent reduction in regulation duty is proposed on handsets within the range of $100 to $200. Here, the current RD rate of Rs. 2,430 has been proposed to be reduced by more than half to Rs. 1200.

Similarly,  the Regulatory Duty of smartphones worth above $200 and up to $350 will be slashed by Rs. 740, while up to Rs. 4500 will be decreased on phones ranging above $350 and under $500.

For more details, see the table below:

Mobile Phones
(C&F Value in USD)
Existing RD (Rs) Proposed RD (Rs)
Upto 30 165 165
Above 30 and upto 100 1620 1000
Above 100 and upto 200 2430 1200
Above 200 and upto 350 3240 2500
Above 350 and upto 500 9450 5000
Above 500 16650 9000


Moreover, the FBR has also proposed reduced duty on imported used clothes and polyester fiber.

  • I really appreciate it. Good phone’s were already very expensive due to currency exchange. I believe they should further lower the taxes.

    If politicians can afford to buy iPhones n Samsungs latest phone’s why shouldn’t we?

  • On the proposed reduction of regulatory duty by 50%, I don’t know why the public is getting overexcited about it. The 50% cut in duty would means you must pay 50% duty which is ridiculously high. No country in the world has that kind of duty on consumer goods. Duty should be civilized, that means not be more than 10%.

    On the subject of imports of used clothes, it’s shameful that a nation steeped in debt up to its neck , with a extended begging bowl in hand, borrowing from IMF, China, UAE and Saudi Arabia, is spending foreign exchange on used clothing imports.
    Pakistan is a country of 200 million plus people. If each family decides to donate their good clothes and shoes for children and adults, we won’t need to import and fritter away our precious forex currency on imports of used ( often contaminated) clothing.

    • LOL bro 50% out of existing value, this doesnt mean 50% of the phones actual value, awien ini lambi taqreer likh de hai

  • Alhamdolillah, my complaint has been worked out, just bcoz there is a sincere ruler not looter. Great working sir shabbar zedi, thank u very much u listen my request i m really very thankful.

    • Have u ever logged a complaint? need proof… u must be sick, 50% means the imported mobile will be levied to 50% tax and 50% gain by retailer.

  • The main problem is Doller rate it is 158 rup at the moment it should be 90 rup then phone will be cheaper in Pakistan.

  • To: The Government
    Thank you for fixing what you BROKE YOURSELF. And its not even completely fixed. My redmi phone cost 13000 extra because of your policies.

  • Without doing any homework regarding putting heavy taxation on the above item,gradually realizing that they are not getting revenue as desired rather getting less now they are trying rectify their mistake.

  • Mobile phones esp. Smart phones are a luxury item and should be highly taxed! Maybe the sets costing less than $150 can be categorised to lower duties, anything over this should be highly taxed (same as in vehicles). We are a poor country and need at ACT like one. If a portion of the population wants to enjoy the finer things in life, they should expect to pay a premium!

  • I don’t buy nothing made by Google cause the ones that made them is gay, and I’m not giving them my money at all I’ll get LG or Samsung cause they are not gay.

  • My phone just got blocked by pta.
    When exactly can we expect the reduction in this tax. Any tentative date ?

  • Dont worry u will still have to pay about 30k to approve cell from pta
    (currently 41k RD reductin will bring it to about 30k) overall tax

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