Illegal TV Cable Operators Are Hurting Pakistan More Than You Think

Internet is considered a lifeline for people all over the world. According to recent statistics, internet Industry is becoming heavily populated with more and more users in Pakistan, whether it is through a Mobile phone or any other means.

Cellular companies are now transforming their businesses more towards becoming a digital hub instead of just focusing on basic telecommunication services. Whether you want to get your order delivered or seek emergency support services or even stream a movie or your favorite TV series on Netflix or Youtube, the internet is the core behind each and every digitally-driven aspect of modern communications.

Where the internet is now the first choice of communication for a majority of citizens, it can also have some security issues that need to be addressed. The bad news is, there are TV cable operators who can actually provide internet services in a way which should worry any internet user.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the governing body of telecommunications in Pakistan highlighted this issue several times. Additionally, this issue was identified as a serious concern in Karachi where K-Electric recently pointed out the illegal actions of TV cable operators who were providing hazardous wiring for provision of internet through such cables without permission of any regulatory body which resulted in the deaths of citizens, as was reported recently.

This creation of an illegal parallel economy in the internet provisioning stratosphere has not only led to a drastic reduction in the number of employees maintained by each telecom company (as a cost-cutting effort). This is also acting as a cancer for an industry that can flourish otherwise if this parallel-running grey traffic can be controlled.

Such bad practices are not being ignored by international investors, who have identified such illegal provisioning of services as parasitic behaviors that do not facilitate foreign investment in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that the illegal Video on Demand services being provided by these TV cable operators are making pirated media available to the public in complete contravention of the laws of Pakistan and international conventions related to copyrights. Consequently, the DTH industry has also failed to launch effectively in the country.

Where each operators’ services are monitored by PTA to ensure quality provisioning of services as well as security for a user’s privacy, these TV cable operators do not provide any such protection to the citizens of Pakistan, risking the personal information of millions. Surprisingly, so far no concerns have been raised on the unlawful competition faced by bonafide licensed operators, whose business is dwindling due to the unlawful actions of these TV cable operators.

Unfortunately, these illegal TV cable operators don’t deposit the appropriate taxes to the national exchequer either, which is hurting the national economy to a greater extent. This illegal parallel economy is further resulting in mafia-minded actions on the ground against legitimate telecom service providers and in keeping falsified books of accounts, thereby affecting the law and order situation in each city.

It is only with the collaborative approach of each regulator that this illegal parallel economy can be dismantled, where not only the TV cable operator’s licenses are brought under scrutiny but further strict legal actions are taken against the violators in conformity with the prevalent law which provides the way forward.

About the Guest Author

The writer has been working in the Telecom Industry of Pakistan for the last seven years and is proficient in matters related to the economic conditions prevalent that are preventing harmonious growth and effective provisioning of services to the citizens of Pakistan.

  • Dear Nameless Guest Author,

    DTH isn’t successful in Pakistan because it was ensured to fail, establishment in Pakistan can not control it more effectively than cable operators.

  • Dear author, I’m one of the users of such broadband providers in Rawalpindi. Why?

    First, NayaTel requires me to arrange at least 5 customer so they can expand their service to not more than 500 meters which is a rubbish policy.

    Second, no IP is willing to expand its services into local areas like narrow streets, they just want to give connection at the main roads. PTCL doesn’t provide GPON in my area and their regular service is pathetic. Fiberlink doesn’t want to expand into my area that is within a kilometer of their service area. I don’t have any idea as to how these local cable providers are able to provide fiber services with meager capital. On the other hand, these major companies always cry about lack of customers in the area.

    Third, neither of the cellular companies can provide reliable internet with enough volume. I can’t even use Zong on the ground floor let alone inside my rooms. Jazz does provide better speed but it doesn’t have that penetration as well. Telenor has that ability to penetrate the lower grounds and rooms but their speed is not good enough to use. A 1080P movie takes around 2-3 GB of data, how are we supposed to use Netflix or any other streaming service with unlimited monthly package of 100 GB ? :v

    There is a lot to ponder on. There wouldn’t have been any issues if it was this simple.

    • Haha you said it all and well said indeed. The legit networks need to do alot yet before claiming their rights.

    • Dude it’s as if you’ve snatched the words out of my mouth!
      I’m also user of a”Mohallay Wala Internet” and while I’m not truely a satisfied one but it’s way better when I had Ptcl internet. I’m in Lahore and in a similar locality that you described as have Narrow Streets and too many at that. Problem is Ptcl never upgrades it’s copper infrastructure here and they meagerly provide just 4mb Adsl internet which is pathetic in this day and age. While My local cable internet Wala can provide upto 30Mbps of symmetric speeds (same up and down).

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  • They are doing the country a huge favour by reducing population growth. When their services are functional people don’t have intercourse as much as they otherwise would so that keeps the birth rate down. When the weather turns bad and people get electrocuted that too helps reduce the population. So overall we should be encouraging such businesses.

    The failure of DTH is entirely on pemra’s head. They screwed up the licensing and let black market DTH services takeover the market. These are Pemra’s last days in power anyway. The next iteration is IPTV which no one in Pakistan can censor.

  • Illegal Cable is not issue Online Illegal Apps / Link is Main Issue to Using Indian Or Non Indian Channels at Home Via Net Easy :
    Public Se Q Nahi Pochte Log Wo Batayenge Sub

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