Airline Tickets to Become More Expensive from 1st Nov After CAA Price Hike

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced to increase the embarkation fee and airport charges from November 1st.

As per media reports, the aviation authority will charge Rs. 2,800 as airport charges from passengers traveling abroad while foreign nationals will pay it in dollars – $20 each.

Previously, the charges were different at different airports of the country. However, under the new rule, uniform charges will apply to all national airports.

Likewise, the embarkation fee for the economy and business classes has been hiked to Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 3,000 respectively. The same amount will be collected at all airports.

The decision will apply to all passengers from 1st November regardless of advanced bookings.

Moreover, after the implication of new aviation policy, the aeronautical charges for international flights have also been increased by 10 percent. Similarly, the CAA has also increased the landing charges during peak hours by 25 percent.

  • It’s OK. One can mismanage the economy and put the burden on the taxpayer who is also an air traveller. We voted for them, so we have the obligation to suffer under them

  • CAA rules are suck. Mostly people’s who are returning back from Pakistan mostof them they even don’t have 500 Rupees at the time of departure and they arw putting taxes or them.. Very shameful act. They have to issue notice to the airlines that from 1st nov add this tax in the ticket fare which is acceptable somehow.

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