Man Dies During Landing at Islamabad Airport

An elderly man has died while a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight was attempting to land at Islamabad International Airport.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday when PIA’s Islamabad-bound, flight PK-702, was landing at its destination.

The deceased, identified as Abid Hussain, was traveling from Manchester to Islamabad. Doctors said that he died of cardiac arrest just when the flight was touching the ground.

His son was traveling with him who took the dead body home after the due procedure.

In a similar situation, a PIA flight made an emergency landing in Moscow last month when a female patient suffered a heart attack.

The flight (PK-758) was headed to Lahore from London and had to land in Moscow due to the emergency. However, the quick action of doctors saved her life and the flight took off as soon as her condition stabilized.

  • I was on that flight. I was giving that elderly man cpr for 10-15 until one of the doctors on the flight told me to stop despite my efforts. I held his body on the seats until the plane landed in case he fell down. I hope he has a place in jannat.

    • Bro there was no doctors on the flight was a young lad who wasn’t even a qualified doctor I was on the same flight

      • There were 2 people with me who came after who said they were doctors. I wanted to continue cpr until the plane landed and manage to get a an ambulance. They told me to stop because there’s no chance of bringing him back.

  • On long routes pia should arrange GP doctor with BLS and ACLS expert. Salary can be paid to this doctor from ppl’s ticket money.

  • I was on the flight there was no doctors on the plane a young man came forward to try and save him was to late. It was about a hour away from landing when he passed away. They could have done a emergency landing in Afghanistan. Pia talk shit. I’m making official complaint to pia. About the service and the way the matter was dealt with. Everyone should make a official complaint about their journey with pia. Had to book a last minute flight! Only 2 toilets working on the plane. Tv’s wasn’t working food was nasty.

    • I was that young man on the plane trying to save his life. I am a qualified first aider, which I had done through work.

  • I don’t know what other airlines are like, but on long hual flights it should be compulsory to carry a defibrillator. If they had one of them on the flight, I might have had a chance to save his life.

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