Pakistan is Among 41 Countries That Face Food Scarcity: UN

The United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has issued a list of 41 countries that face food scarcity due to various reasons.

31 out of the 41 countries on the list are from Africa. The list also includes many South Asian and Middle Eastern countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.

The report has identified two main reasons causing food shortages – conflict and rain scarcity.

The report sees conflict as the primary reason. It says the countries that are facing civil unrest or a full-fledged war such as Iraq, Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, and Afghanistan are more prone to hunger and shortage of food.

The other reason for food insecurity, mainly in African countries, is rain-scarcity.

Poor precipitation, including severe dryness in East Africa, is exacerbating the food insecurity situation in several countries in the region.

Pakistan is also among the countries that face food insecurity due to low precipitation.

The report says that many East African countries are at risk of reduced cereal crop production this year as compared to 2018. The biggest shortage is expected in Kenya and Sudan. Due to this reason, the prices of maize and sorghum have gone up significantly in the region.

The countries that require an external food supply include:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Burkina Faso
  4. Burundi
  5. Cabo Verde
  6. Cameroon
  7. The central African Republic
  8. Chad
  9. Congo
  10.  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  11.  Democratic Republic of Congo
  12.  Djibouti
  13. Eritrea
  14. Eswatini
  15. Ethiopia
  16. Guinea
  17.  Haiti
  18. Iraq
  19. Kenya
  20.  Lesotho
  21.  Liberia
  22. Libya
  23. Madagascar
  24. Malawi
  25. Mali
  26. Mauritania
  27.  Mozambique
  28.  Myanmar
  29. Niger
  30. Nigeria
  31. Pakistan
  32. Senegal
  33. Sierra Leone
  34. Somalia
  35. South Sudan
  36. Sudan,
  37. The Syrian Arab Republic
  38. Uganda
  39.  Venezuela
  40. Yemen
  41. Zimbabwe

Via: FAO

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