foodpanda’s New ‘Don’t Cook’ Campaign Encourages You to Lock Your Kitchens!

In today’s hectic and busy life, it’s really difficult coping with chores while working.

The hassle of getting groceries for the kitchen and then slaving over the stove after a tiring day can be stressful. Eating the same food every day at home also doesn’t really cheer up one’s mood, in fact, there is a high chance that you end up getting upset and want to lock your kitchen in frustration.

Now, if you wish to lock your kitchens, foodpanda can easily make it come true with their new campaign, ‘Don’t Cook’.

The campaign’s tagline, ‘kitchen ko taala lagao, foodpanda karo’, will make you actually want to lock your kitchens and order amazing deals they have to offer. They cater to all your cravings, starting from bun kebab by the corner to sizzling steak, all at your doorstep.

The 3 step process to order food makes it the most user-friendly application to use.

  1. Just browse the menu
  2. Select a deal
  3. Enter your delivery address and the rider will be at your doorstep by the time you’re preparing the table.

Now with foodpanda’s new rider tracking feature and quick chat options, following your food from restaurant to doorstep has never been easier.

Some amazing deals they have to offer are:

Offer 1 – Mr. Burger

Flat 50% off if you order from the pioneers of beef burgers in Karachi, Mr. Burger!

Offer 2 – OPTP

Enjoy the amazing OPTP deal, where you get a zinger, fries, and drink for only Rs. 199.

Offer 3 – Dunkin Donuts

If you’re craving for donuts, avail flat 50% discount at Dunkin Donuts, Karachi.

Offer 4 – Pizza Hut

Don’t miss out on the deal where you get a hot and scrumptious regular pizza, 4 pieces of Garlic bread and 2 drinks for Rs. 499/- from Pizza Hut.

Offer 5 – Burger O’ Clock

Flat 40% off at Burger O Clock, where you’ll get the most mouth-watering burgers in Karachi.

Offer 6 – McDonald’s

Everybody’s favorite, Mcdonalds is offering 1 McChicken, 1 McCrispy, medium fries, 2 regular drinks, all of this for just Rs. 595.

Offer 7 – What a Paratha

For all you desi fans out there, What a Paratha brings you pizza paratha, BBQ special, Nutella paratha with 500ml drink for just Rs. 499.

Offer 8 – Papa John’s

This one for our Lahori fellows, where Papa John’s is offering a flat 50% discount on all their pizzas.

We guess it really is about time we lock our kitchens and let foodpanda do the job.

Khana kyun pakana hai? foodpanda karo!

  • Foodpanda should try to improve their service. Foodpanda now only focuses on collecting comissions from restaurants and provides zero support to customers when a restaurant fails to deliver.

  • Dont cook as Frog meat stock is abundance to clear out the stock Foodpanda has started this special sale. Enjoy!

    • you are the victim of fake news. police have determined those frogs were destined to be dissected by biology students in schools.

      frogs don’t have much meat in them anyway. it wouldn’t be a very profitable venture.

  • close your kitchen and open your bathroom!

    it would be nice if our restaurants focused more on hygiene and food safety. unfortunately it seems price pressures force them to compromise on these two fronts.

  • close