Saeed Ajmal Feels Betrayed by PCB, Challenges to Find a Better Spinner

Former Pakistan off-spinner Saeed Ajmal has claimed that he feels betrayed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for not defending him for his questionable bowling action.

Speaking to a local media outlet, Ajmal talked about the action ban he received back in 2014 and claimed that he received no backing from PCB.

Ajmal explained that the International Cricket Council (ICC) imposed the ban without taking all the factors into account.

My medical condition should have been taken into account before placing a bowling ban on me but ICC did not do that. The bend in my arm was due to an accident and I can’t do anything to change that.

In addition to that, Ajmal further said that PCB should have defended him especially because they will be unable to find a spinner like him in the near future.

The PCB did not support me on this issue and instead asked me to correct my bowling action. They must have thought that another Saeed Ajmal will come along, although they have not been able to find one.

He further claimed that the culture of Pakistan cricket has changed and that’s largely due to PCB’s inability to handle situations, such as his, in a proper manner.

We are not producing quality spinners while our batsmen are also not good at playing spin bowling. In the past, we used to dominate the spinners and score loads of runs against them but now the complete opposite is happening.

Giving his expert opinion on the current crop of spinners, Ajmal ranked Yasir Shah the highest.

Currently, I don’t see anyone, except for Yasir Shah, who can bowl in accordance with the requirements of Test cricket but there are many, such as the likes of Shadab Khan, Zafar Gohar, Mohammad Nawaz, who are well-equipped to play the shorter formats of the game.

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  • The issue of Ajmal credpt up at a difficult time for PCB and they did the best under the circumstances. Since than, PCB has been able to get certification for a local lab at LUMS from ICC which is a very big step. This has ensured that bowlers from Pakistan are identified as if possible their actions corrected before they are exposed to the international arena.

  • If the bend in your arm was due to an accident then how did you manage to change your action ?

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