US to Punish Countries For Purchasing 5G Equipment From Huawei

The never-ending consequences of the US/China trade war have been taking Huawei by storm for months now. As situations were shaping up in favor of Huawei, the US government decided to turn the tables.

As reported by Bloomberg, US’s State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for cyber policy, Rob Strayer has issued a statement saying that the US will either cut-off intelligence agreements or punish its allies in some other way if they decide to purchase 5G equipment from the Chinese giant.

Huawei is all geared up to start large scale production of its 5G base stations, starting in October. However, the current stance adopted by the US will pressurize many countries into breaking off their deals with the company.

The European Union has also taken up the case and is going to release a report regarding the security issues that may accompany the implementation of 5G systems.

All the countries in the European Union will have to get the networking equipment certified before purchase, which might lead to disputes since Huawei and Hungary have been strategic partners for a long time now and the company is an important telecommunication system provider for Hungary.

Huawei, on the other hand, is quite hopeful about the ban lifting soon which looks impossible with the current turn of events.

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