Limited Time Offer: IMC Launches Manual Variant of 1.6L Corolla Atlis

Indus Motor Company Limited (IMC) has officially launched the manual variant of 1.6L Altis, sources close to ProPakistani confirmed.

The source confirmed that the manual variant of 1.6L Altis will come in only two colors: Super White and Attitude Black.

The vehicle is ready to be pre-booked granted if the full price is paid upfront. The delivery of the vehicle is promised to be within 10-15 days by the company.

It is worth mentioning that the source disclosed that this is a limited-time offer.

The purchase of the newly introduced Altis will also include a free TPL tracker as well as accidental death coverage, which is an added incentive for all the customers.

Here is how the price of 1.6L Altis M/T ranks among the other vehicles the company has to offer:

S/N Model Transmission Price (Rs.)
1. XLi VVT 1.3L Manual 2,499,000
2. XLi VVT 1.3L Automatic 2,599,000
3. GLi VVT 1.3L Manual 2,749,000
4. GLi VVT 1.3L Automatic 2,849,000
5. Altis 1.6L Manual 3,055,000
6. Altis 1.6L Automatic 3,149,000
7. Altis 1.8L Manual 3,299,000
8. Altis CVT 1.8L Automatic 3,449,000
9. Altis Grande 1.8L Manual 3,499,000
10. Altis Grande CVT 1.8L Automatic 3,699,000

It is worth mentioning that Toyota is looking to discontinue its entire 1.3L Corolla series, which will pave way for Yaris to enter into the Pakistani market.

However, Toyota has to ensure to make a buzz when they finally decide to launch Yaris to attract more customers and improve their sales.

Currently, the auto industry is facing extreme challenges; the sales are on a historic low for the big players in the market. In addition to that, the prices of the vehicles have also reached sky high which has halted the sales.

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