Toyota to Launch a New Affordable Sedan in Pakistan

Last year, there were speculations regarding the launch of the Toyota Vios in Pakistan. However, despite some media outlets confirming the news, Toyota has changed its plans.

Reports claim that Toyota has been aiming to put an end to their production of Corolla XLi and GLi and replace it with Yaris sedan. Previously, the idea was to launch the Vios instead, but it was shelved due to the crumbling of rupee against the dollar.

As per the reports, Toyota Yaris has already been spotted in Pakistan; a camouflaged test mule was spotted on the M2 Motorway:

Toyota Yaris spotted on M2 Motorway.

A simple search reveals that the registration number BQQ-861 belongs to IMC and the 1329cc sedan was registered on 19th of August 2019.

The automotive experts believe that one reason why Toyota has opted for Yaris instead of Vios is because of the price difference between both cars. Vios is available in the international market for Rs. 28,00,000 whereas Yaris is much cheaper and will be launched around the price range of Rs. 19,00,000.

A source close to the matter informed that the crisis faced by the automotive industry in Pakistan has affected each company’s plans. For Toyota, their Corolla manufacturer Indus Motor Company was closed for a total of 12 days in the month of July.

In response to this, the executive of IMC said:

The steep increase in car prices after currency devaluation as well as the imposition of Advance Customs Duty (ACD) on all imports and Federal Excise Duty (FED) on assembled cars has left us no option but to cut down the plant production.

Following this debacle, the company representatives released the information regarding the Vios-Yaris situation, which could prove to be the right call as Yaris will capitalize on the same market as XLi and GLi did as opposed to Vios, which is more expensive.

The decision to change up their lineup is mainly down to the extreme competition in the market following the introduction of Kia, Proton and Hyundai.

  • 1.9 Million How I Can Affoard it ? Isko Sasta Kahenge : Matlab IPhone X to Nahi Le Sakte IPhone 4 Lello I Phone Ka Bharam A Jayega Wah :

    • Say thanks to dollar hike and tabdeeli sarkaar. Current gli when launched in 2014-15 was for 18.5 lac. now its last 1 year alone its price hiked by 7-8 lacs . Wagon r was for 11.5 lac now crossing 16 lacs. Just in last one year things have gone from bad to worse

      • Well one good thing has happened because of the increase in dollar prices and subsequent drop in sales is that at least and at last they have been pressurized to introduce new model. For over 40 years they have been giving is very few and outdated over prices and under specked products. with this pressure they are forced to introduce more variants with better pricing and more options.

      • your a complete jahal insaan to blame Imran Khan, the last 30 years of corruption by the Shariff’s and Zardari lot have caused these problems.

  • Main kehta hoon 40 Lakh sy kam koi car nah…. Takay main in yougster jo car dream karty hain. Un say pochoo.. Ky aab bhi imran khan ky jalsay ty nachnay ty dil karda?

      • Some of you supporters are blind to support him really ! His mission is positive but his ways of approaching them are irrational , imposing insane taxes and literally squeezing every last bit of penny from the end user and halting all your developments projects isn’t the way to success. Why aren’t imports cut off on cell phones and other dairy products. Stupid way of carrying things by claiming of having educated personnel in party, Disgusting

  • Automobiles are more expensive in Pakistan as compared to the rest of the world by as much as 3 to 400 percent more.

  • I own a Altis 1.6 Corolla 2017.
    The quality of the vehicle is pathetic with absolutely worthless suspension, extremely poor built quality, noisy dashboard etc. I will never recommend a local Indus assembled car to anyone.

  • Our local Car industry is a big MAFIYA. Their profit margin are more than 500% and despite of that no comparison with imported cars. At much cheaper price imported cars having excellent options are available, so why to buy pathetic local cars. If you don’t take the facility of car getting registered, tracker, insurance etc they will give you a very long delivery date. Most of the parts are produced and assembled locally.
    We should stop promoting and buying local cars.

  • Excellent price. 19 lacks is very very reasonable for sedan car, considering the us dollar is is 160. Now we have to convert price of everything in dollars. For 12000 dollars is very cheap.

  • Well many people blamed present government for price hike but I thinks its unfair to blame someone who just got debit in heirship. Automotive in our country must not be a priority where people are unable to earn bread less all other necessary requirements.

  • Simply don’t buy cars from this company. Stop feeding a monopoly and let them starve, Government should let in foreign companies which can offer better deals at cost-effective prices.

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