Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s New Dual-Screen Laptop

Microsoft’s Surface event on Wednesday unveiled a pretty interesting bunch of new Surface devices. Some of the devices actually came as big surprises, and the biggest of them all was the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface Neo is redefining PC form factors the way the original Surface did many years ago. It is a foldable laptop device with dual 9-inch displays which are both only 5.6 mm thick. The whole package weighs just 600 grams.

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Rather than adopting a foldable display design, Microsoft is bringing in two separate screens attached together with a 360-degree hinge. This not only helps in multitasking but also makes the device far more durable than folding screens like the Galaxy Fold.

This multitasking is further aided with Windows 10 X, which is a Windows 1o based OS specifically designed for dual-screen devices. It allows for easy transitioning between the two screens with a feature called Spanning. As the name suggests, the feature lets you span an app across the two screens, allowing you to use different sections of the app on each of the screens.

The device is also magnetically integrated with a keyboard. Once you attach the keyboard to one of the displays, you can use the device like a regular laptop where the display becomes a touchpad adjacent to the keyboard – similar to the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo. You can use the smaller display to save information, play a video, or display extra browser tabs while your primary task stays on the bigger screen.

Surface Neo is expected to arrive by the end of 2020. There is no word on pricing yet.

Surface Earbuds

Surface Earbuds are Microsoft’s first-ever wireless earbuds that are loaded with a variety of smart features. They’re a bit bigger than usual wireless earbuds, and that is because there is a touchpad on the outside which lets you control the volume, skips songs, and even launch applications if you’re connected to an Android device.

Each earbud has two mics equipped with noise reduction so they can pick up your voice without catching any of the background noise. It can also create captions while you speak and works with over 60 languages. Microsoft claims the battery should last an entire day on a full charge.

Surface Earbuds will be available later this year with a starting price of $249.

  • The headline and the article are referring to two different things. The smartphone will be two 5.8 inch screens and is running Android.

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