England Cricketer Makes Fun of Shahid Afridi

Today marks the anniversary of Shahid Afridi’s glorious and the then fastest century in ODIs against Sri Lanka in 1996.

The cricket website, ESPNCricinfo posted an image of Boom Boom Afridi and his innings to celebrate the historic event.

In the response, former England cricketer Nick Compton replied sarcastically and said:

And never scored a run thereafter.

Coming from a cricketer who failed to play regularly for his country, playing only 16 Tests with a poor average of 28.70, the comment doesn’t make sense. Afridi may well have had an up and down career, however, he was a match-winner, one of the most feared batsmen of his time, a lethal leg-spinner on his day and a brilliant fielder.

Let’s have a look at his numbers:

Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50
Tests 16 30 3 775 117 28.70 2150 36.04 2 2

The right-handed top-order batsman played his matches in 4 years, whereas Afridi represented Pakistan for well over 20 years consistently. Perhaps, Compton needs to think twice before saying anything. He was kicked out of the England team for consistently performing poorly in the Test arena.

Here are his numbers in his last 5 Tests:

26 68 38.23 3 caught 2 v South Africa Johannesburg
0 2 0.00 3 caught 4 v South Africa Johannesburg
19 52 36.53 3 lbw 2 v South Africa Centurion
6 9 66.66 3 caught 4 v South Africa Centurion
0 3 0.00 3 caught 1 v Sri Lanka Leeds
9 34 26.47 3 caught 1 v Sri Lanka Chester-le-Street
22* 38 57.89 3 not out 4 v Sri Lanka Chester-le-Street
1 11 9.09 3 caught 1 v Sri Lanka Lord’s
19 35 54.28 1 caught 3 v Sri Lanka Lord’s

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  • Former England cricketer Nick Compton tried to troll Shahid Afridi’s achievement of 37-ball century in ODI cricket but Pakistan fans hit back at the English cricketer in a post on social media.

  • Very true, English cricketer well said..who is shahid afridi? Tulla bataman and nothing more than that..tulla laga to theek warna 0 pe out

  • Consider him a piece of shit…Shahid Afridi is the pride of Pakistan he can hit longest sixes and also can hit hard on comptons ass.

  • Before criticizing Afridi, Compton should look at his own stature. Nobody knows his name, after his retirement, whereas, Afridi is still a name in white ball cricket. Compton is known for his forefather not for his own laurels.

  • such stupid sportsman should be ignored thats the best treatment for such players, Afridi was a lethal batsman and the most liked amongst the spectators.

  • Compton is not wrong. Afridi was just an average cricketer with a very innings to mention of.
    He survived only due to shortage of quality batsmen in Pakistani team

  • A poor performance by any batsman in test history nick!? And he talks about afridi think well before you talk about a legend .

  • Nick Campton is right. Is Afridi really a batsman? Playing with irresponsible behavior with such a low batting average. He actually never played after that century.

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