Indian Air Force Chief Admits ‘Big Mistake’ The Day They Took on Pakistan

February 27 still haunts the Indian armed forces as Pakistan Air Force (PAF) reminded the enemy of who they were dealing with post-Pulwama incident.

7 months down the line, the Indian Air Force has finally admitted in clear words that shooting down Mi-17 helicopter was a ‘big mistake’ on their part. Indian Air Chief, Rakesh Kumar Bhadauria made this confession earlier today after the conclusion of an inquiry against the involved IAF officials.

He added that the IAF will ensure that they will not shoot down their planes anymore.

The incident that took place in Budgam saw 6 IAF personnel dead as SPYDER air defense missile hit one of their own choppers on February 27.

The Air Chief told the media that action will be taken against the two involved officials.

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  • How is this related to Pakistan? Please avoid taking the sensationalism journalism route – this is not why people come to

    • Sadly this is what this site has become. The IAF Chief said nothing along the lines of “we made a big mistake by taking Pakistan on.” Instead he said “we made a big mistake when we shot down our own helicopter.”

      But this site has sensationalized and twisted his words. Alas the quality of “news” on this website has gone down the drain.

  • Incredible India!!! & incredible IAF!!!! … I strongly beleive next enquiry will surely prove that it was hit by PAK JF thunder… & India has to accept the reality.

  • Next enquery will admit SU-30 was also hit by PAF and SB Dehnova hide it, Abinandan did not hit any F-16 , On nextday PAF retaliation at 6 target were accurate .our media made 1.3Billion papoulation chutya.

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