Samsung Planning to Introduce Ads in its Smartphones & Tablets

Over the past few years, Samsung has changed its strategy due to the ever-increasing competition it has been getting from Chinese OEMs. The Korean giant seems to be focusing on mid-range Smartphones as much as it focuses on its flagships to keep its place in every price bracket in the market.

With so many emerging OEMs, Samsung’s throne has been the goal of many for a while now. Which could be one of the reasons why the giant is contemplating the idea of mobile ads on its devices.

The trend started with MIUI which was condemned a lot by the users, but since we are talking about the top smartphone manufacturer here, we can only imagine the backlash Samsung will receive for the mobile ads.

The trademark application was submitted to the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) on 1st October.

The trademark only applies to smartphones and tablets since the company already has ads in place for its smart TVs. The Ads can be turned off on Samsung Smart TVs but Goodluck finding the hard to reach ad deactivation settings that are hidden in the terms and conditions menu.

If the same strategy is employed in all smartphones and tablets, it will get pretty annoying.

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