Sindh to Introduce Smart Number Plates With Ajrak Logo

Sindh is doing away with the yellow number plates and bringing in a design that pays homage to its culture and heritage with the new number plates featuring an ajrak logo along with chips for authentication purposes.

Abdul Haleem Sheikh, Secretary Excise Department, has said that the logo will be fitted with tech that would allow a person to scan the number plate and they will receive information pertaining to the car such as the name of the owner, the model and other information. He added that the department is aiming to roll out these plates by next year.

In the first stage, a total of 0.6 million numbers plates will be issued. 0.3 million of these will be for cars while the remaining 0.3 million will be for motorcycles.

The decision to roll out the plates will be sent to the provincial cabinet and CM Murad Ali Shah for approval first, Shaikh added.

  • According to the details, Secretary Excise Department Abdul Haleem Shaikh has ordered to manufacture 300,000 number plates for vehicles and motorbikes installed with chips and Ajrak logos by 2020, in the first phase.

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