Govt to Provide Cheap Electricity This Winter Season

The government is hashing out a policy aimed at providing electricity to power users in winter at flat rates that will decrease their electricity bills substantially.

A senior official at the Energy Ministry (power division) on Tuesday told a parliamentary committee that the policy will be finalized this month and will be introduced in November. Presently, two different rates are applied by the government, one for peak hours and the other for off-peak hours which raised the end rate for the users.

For the winter season only, the government will impose a uniform flat rate throughout the day instead of the peak and off-peak hour rates and this will help reduce the electricity bills of the customers.

The official added that the government will guarantee cheaper electricity to the users despite the drop in the share of hydropower generation in December. He said multiple projects are coming online and at the present, the system has 35,000MW of available electricity.

Senator Nauman Wazir said that it was mandatory for the government to make power market in the country so the Discos should get profit. The committee was briefed that line losses for PESCO were more than NEPRA’s allowed limits and the consumers were being forced to pay for these losses.

  • Will any relief be provided to the Karachi customers of K-Electric as well or will they continue to be fleeced as a colony of the country?

    • We enjoy more regular electricity supply compared to the customers of government owned discos. We should be thankful of this. The fruits of privatization are very sweet.

      As a bonus falling power lines help reduce the population from time to time.

  • I really don’t understand how there can possibly be a peak hour? It’s technically impossible. For example, if you have an electric iron of 2000w, it’ll take 2000w to operate, if the input voltage is 200v, then the iron will take 10amps to make 2000watts (200*10) similarly if voltage is 230v then it’ll take 8.7amps (230*8.7=2000w).
    Also there is no digital wifi or bluetooth based meters to send electric usage to its database, our electric supply companies do manual meter readings at the end of month. So how it is possible to mplement peak hours technically?

    • You don’t need lighting during the day so electricity usage goes down. Besides most people are at their place of work during the day so electricity usage at home is minimal. When they come home they switch on the lights and overall electricity consumption goes up. Since everyone operates according to a similar schedule, keeping in view working hours and the circadian rhythm, you have peak and off peak hours.

      The digital meters have a clock in them and they keep track of off peak and peak consumption as well as the sum total. I suggest you cycle through the values using the button on the meter and see for yourself.

      Mind you this only applies if your meter is 5KW or above. For lower residential loads there is one fixed price 24 hours of the day. At least that’s how it is in Karachi.

    • Its simple government doesn’t need to know about each and every household’s consumption to know about peak and off peak hours. They can simply see the pattern at which time most of the electricity is used and at which time most is saved overall

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