This Locally Assembled Electric Bike Reduces Travel Cost by 8X

Local motorcycle manufacturers have started producing bikes that will run on electricity rather than gasoline.

According to BBC Urdu, two motorbike assemblers from Punjab have set up a plant in Sahiwal to produce electric bikes in the country.

The initiative is aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on oil as an energy source due to its soaring prices in the global market and environmental pollution.

With petrol prices increasing every next month, having a bike as a means of transport has become almost unaffordable for middle-class families.

The manufacturers are trying to address this issue, and they are producing cost-effective electric bikes that will be available for a lower price, and their maintenance costs will be a lot lower than the conventional ones.

Usman Sheikh, the CEO of Auj Technologies – a Lahore-based electric motorcycle company – says they have started a joint venture with MS Group.

He said that they are producing Pakistan’s first budget-friendly electric motorbikes that will be called ‘Jaguar.’

We are the first assemblers of electric bikes in Pakistan, and have designed them locally.

Usman assured that they have not compromised on quality to manufacture a low-end product.

“These bikes have the same shape and design as those running on petrol. But, they will run on electric batteries instead,” he said, adding that the bike will be a high-performance product.

We have not compromised on engine and body parts, as they are equipped with very much similar to already available Japanese technology in the market.

Electric Motorcycle Pakistan

Usman says that his company is using the existing ecosystem of gasoline-based motors while developing an electric battery system.

We have designed and assembled controllers, battery management systems (BMSs), chargers, motors, and battery packs.

Range and Price

He said that the Jaguar bikes will have a range of up to 70km, and its battery can fully recharge in five hours.

The estimated cost of the motorbike is currently Rs. 88,000, but the company is trying to reduce the price before putting it on sale.

Auj Technologies is also preparing electric kits for ordinary motorcycles that will turn them into an electric bike.

Usman said that installing these kits on regular bikes is very easy because they are designed keeping the gasoline-based Japanese structure in mind.

Much Lower Travel Cost

Meanwhile, Chairman of MS Group said that the fuel cost of Jaguar bikes will be much lower.

If a normal (petrol bike) gives 50 km average, its monthly expenditure will be around Rs 4,000, but the cost of an electric bike will be only Rs. 500.

Jaguar electric bikes are expected to hit the market next year.

  • Why going with this decade old style. They should have also adopt the new smart designs like already present in China and Europe. The electric bikes should look smart not like old decade shape.

    • faida uthti hai bhai company, sirf engine and mechanics change hain baki A to Z part already market may available hai… so market capture krna easy hai… Pakistan may bohat achi achi bikes launch hoi hai last 3, 4 saal may but part available nai hai market jis waja se flop hain…

    • Waqar bhi, To some extent, you are right but to start with the existing designed, is rather better mainly because of two main reasons:-
      1. Change design will have very high cost initially. On the other hand, old motorbike style has everything available in the market on an affordable prices for the Jaguar Company. Shape may be changed subsequently in future.
      2. Existing Motorbikes will be useful and will not stand redundant at once. Same will be converted by removing the Petrol engine and adding electric motor & Battery.
      Demerits if Follow the New Sytle:-
      i. Already existing petrol engine industry will collapse including bike and spare part factories, spare part shops and mechanics.
      ii. Value of petrol engine bikes will diminish and middle class and lower class users will loose their invested money thereby Big financial Jhatka to poor people. iii. No one will be in the position of buy used motorbike, phir tol kr bechna parry ga. Old Motorbikes will be available in the market may be at the rate of Rs 50/- per kg if loha is in good condition. lol

  • What will be its top speed how are they going to manage battery heat up also what is the cost of the battery

  • This is actually a great green project. such electric vehicles are the future, the technology is not quite fully mature yet. But we are definitely moving in the right direction.

  • This is wonderful idea, it should be some lower in cost, so every one can afford it easily, also give option to get it on Installment basis.

  • The batteries will be charged by electricity generated by oil (HFO) hence the net effect to the environment will be zero. Mode of electricity generation needs to be fixed green or hydro first.

  • پاکستانی کسی نئی چیز پر جلدی اعتبار نہیں کرتے کئی قسم کی نئی موٹرسائکلیں بنی لیکن فیل ھوگئیں۔ پاکستانی صرف ہنڈا اور اس جیسی چائینیز کو ہی پسند کرتے۔پاکستانی روڈ بھی الیکٹرک بائک کے لئےموافق نہیں ھوتے بڑے بڑے کھڈے برا حال کردیتے ہیں۔اللہ کرے الیکٹرک موٹرسائیکل کامیاب ھوھماری 16 ارب ڈالر کی آئل امپورٹ میں کمی آئےاور آلودگی کمی کرنے میں مدد ملے

  • Bikes tu electric produce ker lain ga..hamari roads ka kia ho ga…2 saal hone ko hain mangla road ka khandar bna hua hai

  • any body have contact details for these electric bike company or any one known where can i buy this electric bike.Thanks

  • Yar ye bike kab release hogi Rahim Yar Khan mein jaldi btao. Is bike k bohat hi faide hai Yar pheli baat to pollution Kam 2 baat noise Kam hogi 3rd baat na moblile dalwana pare ga na petrol 1 saal ka Kam s Kam kharcha bhi cd 70 ka itna zyaada hai Jaguar to super hit hai I am waiting for when it launches in Rahim Yar Khan?????love Jaguar ?????? but Yar price bhi Thora agar reduce ho jae to Kya baat hogi

  • چلو سب کچھ ٹھیک ہے مگر اس کی پرائس 88000 بہت زیادہ ہے
    اس کی پرائس موٹر سائیکل ڈال کر زیادہ سے زیادہ 20/25000 ہونی چاہئے بس
    اگر موٹرسائیکل کا فریم کسی کا اپنا ہو تو 10/15000 تک خرچہ ہونا چاہئے بس اس سے زیادہ نہیں
    اور اس میں جو بیٹری ٹائمنگ ہے وہ بہت کم ہے کم از کم 200 کلومیٹر ہونی چاہئے یا اگر ایسا نہیں ہو سکتا تو 70 کلومیٹر اور اس کے ساتھ ایک سولر پلیٹ لگا دیں جو موٹرسائیکل کے ساتھ چپکی ہو اور ساتھ ساتھ چارنگ کرتے کرتے 200 کلومیٹر تک ایوریج دے
    پھر بنے گی بات دھڑلے سے

  • AoA, Sir, please make 3/4 wheeler self start bike/scooty for disabled persons,
    China or Bohat se doosray countries me disabled persons k liye 3/4 wheeler bike/scooty banae jate hn, but Pakistan me talsh k bawajood mujhey aisi koi cheez nahi mili. Mechanic hazraat alteration kar k 3 wheeler banate hn but 1 to us ki shape bigarr jati he jo a achhi nahi lagti or 2nd us me kharcha bhi ziyada ata he or 3rd us ki gaurenty /warranty nahj hoti
    Or company make ki to baat hi alag he.
    Is year April me 1 virus attack ki wajah se mere haath paoon sun ho gaye they jis ki wajah se me abhi tak poori tarha apne paoon pe kharra nahi ho sakta jis ki wajah se me doosroon ka mohtaaj ho chuka hon, please jald se jald 3/4 wheeler banaiye ta k me or mujh jesy bohat se doosray log is mohtaji se nikal k apne kaam khud kar sakein. Allah ap ko is ki jaza ataa farmae
    Please mujhey zaroor inform kijiye ga
    Sher Ali Khan

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