Shell Pakistan Introduces Aluminum Tank Lorries for Fuel Transport

Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) is dedicated to improving industry standards, setting benchmarks and bringing innovation to Pakistan’s energy industry. Shell Pakistan recently inducted aluminum tank lorries for their dedicated Haulier fleet for the distribution of fuel across Pakistan’s improved road network to Shell’s customers.

The new aluminum tank lorries enhance efficiency by allowing higher volumes of products to be transported as compared to steel tank lorries, according to the parameters set by National Highway Authority on axle to weight ratio.

The new tank lorries provide a number of advantages for the industry, environment and country:

  • Aluminum tank lorries are lightweight as compared to the previously used steel tank lorries, thereby better for the roads.
  • The material is non-corrosive and negates static charge, which increases safety and security.
  • The aluminum tank lorry also reduces maintenance cost and improves fuel economy while reducing environmental impact.

The new aluminum tank lorry was inaugurated in a ceremony by Ali Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs.

Speaking at the inauguration, Haroon Rashid, Managing Director of Shell Pakistan Limited said,

Being the oldest energy multi-national in the country, we have always been at the forefront of introducing international products and standards, and developing local expertise in the Pakistani market. Shell is proud to play a part in making the transportation of fuel across the country safer and more efficient. We will continue to help the industry adopt innovative and safer processes while safeguarding people and the environment.

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