Ufone & HBL Sign CNY/RMB Trade Finance Facility Agreement

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited, Ufone and HBL have signed an agreement, through which HBL has extended a bilateral Trade Finance in the Chinese Yuan (RMB/CNY) for the import of cellular network equipment through Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

The agreement is part of one of the largest RMB/CNY contracts in the history of Pakistan, between Ufone and Huawei Technologies, and it could be a breakthrough in the banking industry of the country.

The trade deal under this new model will set a precedent for different sectors and corporations in both friendly countries, China and Pakistan, who plan to take their working relationship to the next level through this currency swap agreement. This transaction will also ease off the pressure of import bills in terms of dollars for Pakistan.

The business deal being carried out by Ufone, Huawei and HBL will be the first of its kind in the telecom sector, and will also pave the way for various other mobile operators and traders in Pakistan to expand their businesses through this mode of trade finance facility.

The agreement was signed by Mohammad Nadeem Khan, Chief Financial Officer PTCL & Ufone and Farhan Talib, Head Corporate & Investment Banking, HBL. The ceremony was witnessed by Rashid Khan, President and CEO PTCL & Ufone, Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO HBL, Chi Linchun, CEO Huawei Pakistan and Yang Yougui, Regional President Huawei Middle East.

  • so after all these years someone finally decided to use the swap facility. ufone must be ready to report the true value of its imports. the facility hasn’t been used by others because they prefer to underinvoice.

  • This agreement is a Excellent Sign for our country and Great China, This is not a business only, it means this is a good reply for our enemies on this difficult time of War, this agreement show to world that if we need biggest supporter That is only one and only one country that is The Great China support , so we can’t need other supporters, if we have World’s biggest and no. 01 population country with us,
    Thanks ” China ” for supporting in this 5g War ,

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