ICC Changes Super Over Rule Which Crowned England as World Champions

ICC Changes Super Over Rule Which Crowned England as World Champions

The International Cricket Council (ICC) remained under fire after England won the World Cup 2019 in a highly controversial scenario; winning the match on boundaries rule.

Now regarded as one of the best World Cup matches ever, England registered the victory over New Zealand in the final of the World Cup 2019 after the Super Over was tied along with the match. England, who had scored more boundaries during the match and Super Over combined, was then crowned champions based on that rule.

The ICC has changed the rule, as the boundaries count rule had a lot of issues. According to the updated rules:

  • If the teams tie the match then a Super Over shall be played. If the Super Over is also drawn then a Super Over shall be played until there is a conclusive winner.

Speaking about the rule change, ICC said:

Following on from a recommendation from the ICC Cricket Committee, the Chief Executives’ Committee agreed that use of the Super Over as a way to decide results at ICC events will be retained. Both the Cricket Committee and CEC agreed it was an exciting and engaging conclusion to the game and will remain in place covering all games at both ODI and T20I World Cups.

It was further added that in group-stages if the Super Over is tied then the match will be considered as a draw. However, where a winner is required: a sudden death Super Over will be played, such as in the semi-finals and finals.

The governing body has also decided that the eight-year cycle commencing in 2023 will comprise eight men’s events, eight women’s events, four men’s U-19 events, and four women’s U-19 events.

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  • Now it has finally made changes to the rule and in case a game is tied even after the super over in case of a final or semifinal, the Super Over will be played again until there is a clear winner.

    “In group stages, if the Super Over is tied, the match will be tied. In semifinals and finals, there is one change to the Super Over regulation in keeping with the basic principle of scoring more runs than the opponent to win, the Super Over will be repeated until one team has more runs than the other.”

    • @propakistani, wonder how this particular person is consistently getting approved with his free advertising on your website?

    • As if the ICC made that rule at the very moment the Super Over was being played! Despite whatever crap you believe, everything is not a conspiracy.

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