Pakistan to Export Multiple JF-17 Thunder Jets to Myanmar and Nigeria

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According to multiple reports, Pakistan is aiming to export its JF-17 Thunder Fighter Planes to four countries.

The country is looking at numerous prospective buyers across the globe including those in India’s neighborhood and the traditional defense partners of New Delhi in Africa.

Last week, when Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Bajwa visited Beijing, the matter of Chinese fighter jets and other military equipment made available for Pakistan to export to other countries was high on the meeting’s agenda.

Pakistan is hoping to sale batches of the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets it has developed with Chinese support to Myanmar, India’s neighbor and Nigeria, India’s defense partner in Africa.

Myanmar has already bought four JF-17’s with the help of the Chinese, furthermore, Pakistan hopes to sell them to Malaysia and Azerbaijan as well.

  • Hypocrisy on its best form!
    Calling Arab hypocrites for not supporting Kashmiries, Now what do you call this action?
    No Support for (Roginga) Myanmari Muslims?

    • OK I have a question for you, who will you prefer if you have to look after or feed.
      Pakistani citizens
      Muslim ummah

      • Then why blame the Arabs for not supporting Kashmir’s? . Arabs are also doing the same as us, which is to base their decisions on interests. Why blame the world for ignoring Kashmir when we do exactly the same ?

        • your are confusing ummah with nation. you were supose to be ummah but after khilafat ended muslims splited i.e iraq syria saudia and us pakistan with time.
          nowadays it is more about national interest rather than ummah.
          dont forget Hazrat Usman’s last saying before being martyred by iraqi arabs , i dont remember the exact wording but it was somewhat like ” i you martyr me you muslims will never be together” and same happened.

          • Augmenting the same topic.
            Ummah is at first… in Islam there is no limit for the territory. Whenever muslims had territorial or Khilafat dispute they had battles with each other.
            Islam teaches us for Muslim ummah not for a piece of land.
            @Xahid is right.
            That we blame arabs for not supporting our negative for Kashmir whereas we are doing same for myamar muslims. This is true hypocrisy. (Sorry to say).
            Non muslims are using “devide and rule” principle.

      • so you are feeding your country people by selling defense equipment to the country who are slaying muslims

  • Why the muslims people identify themselves as Islamic country excluding all other religious groups, verging to theogracy, which is the worse government you can get.
    Look around which Islamic country leads the world in enything?

  • Hypocrisy at its peak. Pakistan selling fighter jets to Myanmar to kill remaining Rohingyas but on world stage sheds crocodile tears for Kashmir

  • Selling to Myanmar! seriously ..?? we cant help rohingya muslims but atleast we should be part from any deal with their ruthless govt. This will not do any good to our nation.. only degrade, demotivate people of Pakistan and PAF.

  • یہ وہی میانمار ہے نا جہاں روہنگیا مسلمانون پر ظلم ہوتا ہے؟مگر ہمیں سب جائز ہے کیونکہ ہم حب الوطنی کے سرٹیفکیٹ جاری کرتے ہیں

  • Myanmar has already purchased four thunder jets through Chinese assistance. Pakistan also plans to export JF-17 to Malaysia and Azerbaijan as well as additional fighter jets to Nigeria, which now has three JF-17s, as per the sources.

  • Ok some humanity contractor r saying v did nothing for Rohingya Muslim and wot abt Israel and Kashmir v r crying for them to support us an idiot terrorist pm of all the time killing them ….wot UN and humanity contractor NGOs did for that nothing…wot India did with Myanmar wot India did with Srilanka and Nepal nd all minority religion in India …….ok some how I believe u all hypocrite r right….but at least remember v did not kill Rohingya Muslim nd wot u windows did with Rohingya u even not let them in our border and let them …..v r supporting to Myanmar bc u r supporting to it Dady Afghanistan… dose of it own medicine…… don’t cry bring some more lemons nd coconuts blasphemy rules nation……..

  • Well people criticizing the Myanmar deal my 2 cents , We will keep condemning them on every platform and also sell our aircraft as long as Pakistan will get benefit.

  • There is no ummah. Muslim rulers attacked and kill each other like anything. Every one knows what banu ummayyah did to banu Hashim, then Abbasids against Banu ummayyah. The last Abbasid caliph was beheaded or deposed by the ottomans in Istanbul. Don’t get me started on Mughal and lodhhis and also Nader Shah. The rise of the Muslim civilization was owed to its scientist. A 1000 years and 1001 inventions.

  • Hey correct your information i.e. Pakistan has not sold any JF-17 to Myanmar they got it from Chinese which is a big defense partner of Myanmar. We are selling only to Nigeria, Malaysia and Azerbaijan.

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