RapidCompute and Linked Things Sign MoU to Promote Adoption of IoT in Pakistan

RapidCompute and Linked Things signed a Memorandum of Understanding last week to promote the adoption of IoT solutions in Pakistan. The partnership aims to streamline smart solutions for the local market which will allow offices, households and industries to digitize the monitoring and management of their operations. These solutions are available as apps and can be run from a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.

Attending the ceremony were Sophia Hasnain, Founder and CEO of Linked Things, Matthias Eckert, CFO Linked Things, Maroof A. Shahani, COO Cybernet and Abdul Samad Khan, Manager Partner Ecosystems and Projects, RapidCompute.

Sophia Hasnain thanked the RapidCompute team for their support and added:

Our smart IoT solutions rely on infrastructure companies like RapidCompute to provide critical components in our value chain. They will enable us to make our solutions even more attractive to customers and help them save money and improve productivity.

Abdul Samad Khan expressed his delight in partnering with such a cutting edge, smart solution provider:

By joining hands with Linked Things, RapidCompute will be able to offer Pakistani companies the ability to host and run IoT Solutions as SAAS on a fully enabled, secure, cloud environment. Leveraging IoT on the cloud will help organizations to take in the massive volumes of data generated by devices, sensors, websites, applications, customers and partners and initiate automated actions for real-time responses.

Smart IoT solutions help businesses, industries and households automatize the use of appliances like ACs, water tank operations, diesel generators, data centers, customer areas (like ATM vestibules) and much more. Customers can gain peace of mind by having a 24/7 monitoring system and operate faster with more flexibility using remote management.

All these cutting edge features look pricey but ultimately, the killer app is saving money. Having delivered a multitude of different applications during the last three years, IoT solutions by Linked Things have demonstrated immediate cost savings of at least 20%.

Linked Things (Pvt.) Ltd., is a start-up in the fast-growing field of IoT (Internet of Things). The brainchild of Sophia Hasnain, Linked Things has successfully translated customer experience in domestic and international markets into a suite of solutions that address the particular problems people in Pakistan have with the provision of power and water. Starting with a successful use case with a bank’s ATM vestibule, Linked Things has developed a whole range of different ways to introduce IoT into business, industry and households. Compared to other solutions in the market, this application is simpler to deploy, offers a faster ROI, more productive and much cheaper than products from international competitors.

RapidCompute is a division of Cybernet and a member of Lakson Group. It has been Pakistan’s trailblazer in offering IaaS cloud computing, networking services and management tools for digitizing all areas of business and industry. The oldest cloud provider in Pakistan provides organizations with data and network security that meets global standards by being the only local CSP to be PCIDSS3.2 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified, as well as being GDPR Compliant.

RapidCompute sees itself as a natural strategic partner of Linked Things. Its services and tools are an integral part of the organization solution architecture. Together, RapidCompute and Linked Things will be able to design and formulate ever more attractive offers for business and industry to introduce smart IoT solutions into their operations, administration and business processes. Cost savings and improved productivity will be only a touch away.

  • Hope this partnership offer Pakistani industries and households cost effective and efficient IoT solutions.

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