PIA’s Flight Operations on Halt Due to Non-Supply of Fuel

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has suspended oil supply to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), causing a disturbance in its flight operation at Allama Iqbal International Airport.

As per reports, PSO halted fuel supply to the national flag carrier due to the non-payment of impending dues. As a result, PIA’s flight PK-305 (Lahore-Karachi) and PK-652 (Lahore-Islamabad) were canceled at Lahore airport.


PIA Will Start Operating 13 Additional Flights on International Routes This Month

PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar issued a statement on Tuesday in this regard. He said that the flights were stopped due to non-provision of oil. He, however, mentioned that both national organizations are holding talks to resolve the conflict.

This is the second time in one year that the state-owned oil company has suspended the fuel supply to the national flag-carrier.


PIA Mismanagement Cost Rs. 175 Million to National Exchequer

In November last year, PSO had taken the extreme step after PIA failed to clear its dues. Resultantly, several flights at Lahore and Karachi airport were canceled, causing a lot of trouble for passengers and financial damage to the national airline. The supplies were later resumed after intervention from the federal government.

As per PSO sources, PIA consumes Rs. 340 million worth of fuel on a daily basis. The airline’s total arrears to PSO amount to Rs. 17 billion.

  • I thought PIA is running and improved the operation without involving the Government. because they were inducing more plane into PIA

    If PIA owe to the PSO 17 billion rupees that amount of Debit, sure any normal institution will stop supplying the Fuel + operation.

    When I opened today the Pro Pakistan page ,I am more or less shocked again.
    PIA chairman Arshad Khan Malik well experience professional should not let this happened.

    Bcs I feel still Bureaucrats in any Institution are still pulling the legs of the new government to defame the PTI leader and its government.
    When PIA operation is going ok then how come this PSO amount still not paid even 50%.
    PIA when the bloody media make breaking news of PIA debts there are many jolts in other sectors even everyone get alert

    I am still saying the same that Imran what he believes on Government institution I have come across that Bureaucracy are trying their best to defame the government. to defame Imran to defame the country .Many still they are IN BUGHZE IMRAN.
    Until Imran you punish in the square of the city you will have no control through the institutions. Take my word.

  • Every time I read news of PIA, I wonder that how low can it go but everytime I get amazed…not sure when will be the bottom.

    • Are you the new Abdul Wahab? You’re on every thread and you only comment to advertise your scam website.

      • This is really not fair Pakistani. So what if he is Advertising. Are you a victim of his scam. If not then shame on you that you are maligining him.

  • Shaheen airline could not keep up with paying it’s dues to Civil aviation so it was foreclosed. I dread to think of the inequality there is to allow a national carrier with 17 billion in arrears to continue to exist despite bailing them out a number of times.

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