Xiaomi Unveils Affordable Gaming Monitors & Wireless Mouse

Xiaomi is expanding its portfolio of gaming products with the introduction of its first-ever gaming monitor lineup. The two monitors in the lineup feature 34-inch and 24.8-inch display sizes. The higher-end model features up to 2K resolution and 144Hz screen refresh rate for super-smooth gameplay.

Mi Surface Display 34″

The Mi Surface Display is the higher-end model out of the two with a large 34-inch curved QHD display. The screen refresh rate on it is 144Hz and the aspect ratio is 21:9. It supports AMD Freesync, low Blue light mode, and support for 121% of the sRGB color gamut.

The monitor comes with a highly adjustable bracket that can be magnetically snapped together with the display. Reports suggest that the display is provided by Samsung, but Xiaomi has not confirmed this yet.

The Mi Surface Display will go on sale on October 21 with a price tag of $352. The pricing for pre-orders will be $282.

Mi Display 23.8″

The Mi Display 23.8″ features more of a conventional monitor design with razor-thin bezels. As the name suggests, the display is sized at 23.8-inches, featuring FHD screen resolution and 178-degree viewing angles.

The cylindrical bracket features viewing angle adjustments but no vertical adjustments. The control buttons are placed at the bottom right under the bezel. The back panel is clean except for the Mi logo.

The Mi Display 23.8-Inch will cost only $98 and will go on sale on October 21.

Mijia Air Mouse

Alongside the two monitors, Xiaomi has also launched a wireless mouse under the Mijia brand name. Despite its improved features and build, the mouse is cheaper than the first-gen model which was launched back in 2016.

It comes with an ultra-thin minimalist design which makes it highly portable. It is only 2.9cm thick and can easily fit into a pocket. The design might be unappealing for some as it lacks a proper hand rest and the grip could be uncomfortable for some.

One of its biggest highlights is dual-mode connectivity which allows you to use the mouse with two different devices at the same time. There is a dedicated button on the mouse to switch between different devices. You can also turn off the mouse’s sound using another button.

Additionally, the Mijia Air Mouse features highly sensitive photoelectric sensors that allow users to use it on virtually any surface including wooden surfaces, paper, jeans, etc.

The Mijia Air Mouse has been unveiled in China with a price tag of just $12. There is no word on international availability yet.

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  • I’m pretty sure the “low Blu-ray mode” should have been “low blue-light mode”. Unless this is some new Blu-ray technology no one has heard of.

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