Qantas Airways Breaks The World Record for The Longest Continuous Flight

An Air travel record was broken by Qantas, the Australian airline, the airline carried out the first non-stop commercial flight from New York City to Sydney under a project. The aim was to investigate the impact of long flights, which in this case was 19 hours and 16 minutes.

The research monitored the brain waves of the pilots, Melatonin levels, and overall alertness, while passengers were asked to measure the efficiency of anti-jetlag steps such as changes in cabin lighting and meals.

Two additional flights will be carried out under Project Sunrise, as part of the airline’s effort to research health on long flights. In November, a London to Sydney flight will take place, and in December, a similar New York to Sydney flight will be carried out. The final decision on this is expected before the year ends.

This has resulted in some positive outcomes, such as how the flight landed earlier than Qantas’ average one-stop service, despite leaving 3 hours after them. And the call to leave the lights on for the first six hours of the flight combated jet-lag right away.

Unfortunately, there is one large hurdle and that is how Qantas had to limit the number of passengers to save fuel. In this case, the Boeing 787-9 which carries 280 people only had 49 passengers excluding the crew. To make it viable, any traveler would have to pay top dollar on an already-costly flight to make up for the low passengers.