Zong 4G Focused on Providing Digital Solutions to its Corporate Customers

The world is going through a digital revolution and the telecommunication sector is naturally at the helm of this disruption as an industry that connects the world. This revolution is both dynamic in nature and is evolving at a breakneck speed which is a harbinger for the changing customer needs.

As a consequence of this change, the way corporations do business has also changed significantly. The reliance of corporates on digital services and products has never been higher as these digital services are enablers for more efficient, agile and state-of-the-art business solutions.

As a pioneer of fast data services in Pakistan, Zong 4G was the first Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to launch its 4G network which now boasts over 13 million customers.

In a bid to create a digital ecosystem for its corporate customers, Zong 4G is working closely with corporate clientele across the country and is introducing customized solutions to disrupt everyday mundane processes, and innovative approaches to tackle both simple and complex problem statements. These products and services are designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of corporate customers.

As part of China Mobile, which has over 934 million mobile subscribers and more than 734 million 4G customers; Zong 4G has the capacity of replicating the success of CMCC’s innovative and advanced digital portfolio. Zong 4G has introduced a conglomeration of services for its corporate customers through its innovative portfolio of M2M, Fixed solutions, Data, Voice products and IoT solutions.

As part of its products and services portfolio Business Solution by Zong is providing its corporate customers with an innovative Cold Chain Monitoring solution. Through this solution, Zong 4G has managed to provide its consumers with a complete array of solutions across the entire supply chain of perishable products to desist financial losses, which happen as a consequence of misplacement or mishandling of assets, or due to other unforeseen circumstances.

This service entails location monitors, geographic fencing, GPS and immobilization of vehicles in case of unpredicted events. In short, helping businesses improve inventory visibility, save time and money, simplify management and maintain quality of products.

As part of its offerings, Zong 4G has also developed an innovative digital solution and fleet management solutions. The service monitors and controls vehicle security, on a real-time basis in order to reduce the risks of theft or misuse of assets

One of the major setbacks that businesses across Pakistan face is fuel theft and Zong provides solutions to secure this critical asset to help improve control such imperative costs via the provision of tools for monitoring, analysis and management via Fuel Management Solutions. Features provided by this solution encompass remote verification of injected fuel, Pilferage/fuel theft monitoring, preventative maintenance and web access with online reports, which result in automatically improved efficiency and decision making, control costs and simplify management.

Furthermore, another system introduced by Business Solution by Zong is the Genset Monitoring Solution, which has been specifically designed for monitoring and securing efficiency. This solution can be deployed on all varieties of diesel generators. It provides businesses with on/off alerts and locations, battery tempering alert, temperature sensing, continuous running indication and web access, android and iOS application online reports. These features are designed for every kind of business to increase asset life, minimize costs, and prevent theft while providing other innovative value-added features.

Through these technologically advanced business solutions, Zong 4G aspires to reinvent how businesses operate, having an overall impact on the corporate ecosystem in Pakistan. Its unparalleled technological advancement and unprecedented telecommunications experience have acted as a major benefactor in developing these wide-ranging business solutions. It has stepped in to provide safe, secure and all-encompassing connectivity to its customers, which has drastically resulted in reducing the burden of 24/7 monitoring and upkeep off the business owners.

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    First my company didn’t appreciate my work for releasing this product, my designs, my ideas all were used like a tissue paper here and there, like you wipe it and throw it down the drain, interviews at zong called these as a failure, now they’re promoting this here


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