Tax Returns Filed Per Day in 2019 Have Increased by 127 Percent: FBR Chairman

Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) Chairman Syed Shabbar Zaidi has announced that on average, tax returns filed per day in 2019 have risen by 127 percent compared to last year.

In a Twitter post, Zaidi shared details of the tax returns filed so far. As per the records, the number of tax returns filed in 2019 till October 25 stands at 918,027, as compared to 585,209 tax returns filed in the same period last year.

Zaidi said that as of November, the FBR will impose strict measures against unauthorized interactions and harassement between its staff and the business community. The business community is suggested to report to FBR if any person contacts them through any manner without proper authorization.

FBR will soon release instructions to all officers, employees and staff of all formations of FBR not to interact with businessmen through personal visits, telephone calls, cell phone messages or emails.

  • Hahah no mention of how many of those are zero rupee tax returns. People file returns just to get on the active filers list.

    • For the first time yes it could be but afterwards you will have to file every year. Entry is easy but then one will have to keep there finances in order. There is no doubt that GOVT efforts in this particular area has shown positive signs.

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