This Trick Lets You Enable WhatsApp Like Features for SMS

Google’s RCS messaging roll out to Android devices has been pretty slow, mainly because of slow Mobile carrier adoption. For the unaware, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a next-generation SMS protocol that will upgrade text messaging by adding features like payments, high-res photo & file sharing, location sharing, video calls, and much more to the regular text messaging app.

Even though the rollout has been delayed, Reddit users recently posted a trick that will allow you to enable RCS regardless of the carrier if your Smartphone is compatible.


Some of the pre-requisites to make the trick work are:

  • Have the latest Android Messages beta installed (v5.2 currently)
  • An activity launcher that can see Android’s activities
  • Wi-Fi turned off

How to Enable RCS on Your Phone

The following video explains how to enable RCS messaging:

The trick has worked for many, but it is highly likely that Google will shut off access to this trick when they find out. This solution lets you use data to share high-quality images and typing notifications (when the person on the other end starts typing, just like WhatsApp).

Many Android users have successfully tried out this method on a variety of devices. Some international carriers and all four major US carrier networks have been working with RCS through this workaround.

This proves that it is technically possible to make RCS work on all devices and it’s the mobile service providers that are delaying its launch.

      • I think i am on Pakistani tech website for a reason. So articles should include info about Pakistan too. For internationally i have many other options.

  • Tried it on my Nokia 3 dual SIM phone, wasn’t working at first then I put my Primary sim in 1st slot and took out second sim. With only one sim in the phone I was able to Turn RCS on. And now in Chat features of messages app it shows “Connected” in green color which mean feature is active. But in order to see if work the recipient should also have it enabled on his/her phone. Sadly I couldn’t find any person with RCS on to test it with.
    Btw the tutorial by XDAdevelopers’s YouTube channel worked for me, not the one mentioned in this article (with this one I was having problem of getting confirmation code hence followed from XDA channel and it worked).

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