PM Imran Was Misinformed, Massive Oil Reserves Expected Near Karachi: MD PPL

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) Managing Director has revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was misinformed about the presence of oil and gas reserves at Kekra-I, along the coast of Karachi.

There was an 86% chance that there would be no oil under the surface of the sea, however, the information from the project is expected to help in further exploration in shallow water near the Karachi coastline in the future.

There were only 12% chances of the project’s success, the official maintained.

Talking at PPL’s 68th annual general meeting, the MD of PPL told the media that the drilling work will now be carried out in shallow water as it would cost less with a greater chance of success.

In Kekra-I, we found nothing but water after digging deep inside the surface. However, there are chances of vast resources of oil and gas underneath the shallow water of Indus Block and the PPL will administer drilling in the site in future.

The drilling and machinery cost of the project was Rs 124 billion. EI, Exxon, OGDCL, and PPL will split the cost incurred in the Kekra-I project.

Meanwhile, the new project is expected to discover massive reserves near Karachi’s coastline.

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  • He was also told by multiple sources that there is huge chance of there being no reserves at but that Dunce of a PM was in a Hurry to give Youthiyas a Big lollipop. So he went on to brag about it on media just to divert attention. Amraan Kaan is a Moron of highest order and a Dysfunctional being.

    • Oil ka sun ky main to Sheikhon ko Qarza dyny ka soch ra tha. but yeh to Lolipop nikla.
      Dil tor Diya Khan ny kasam say.

    • If you know anyone in OG exploration they will tell you that 12% chance is enough to justify drilling and most if not all projects have such probabilities of getting a hit as finding a good well involve multitude of factors. To pro Pakistani u have good content and using such click bait headlines does not do u any gud! If you had sent a real Journo to PPL AGM he will tell you the statement was not made as is reproduced here! Shame!

  • What’s new in this? 12% is what that time all saying and was considering good enough for drilling so it’s all repeat news.

    • i haven’t heard 12% chances at that time, most people just heard that Oil is gonna found soon and economy will be stabilized. But Alllah kary Nikl ahy tail nahi to awam ka tail nikl ana hy.
      lets hope for the best.

  • Govt. get misleading info and basis of that disseminate misleading info to all nation. Yahi tou chal raha hy.

  • Ik is continuously being misinterpreted by his advisors and the departments because everyone is frightened of his seriousness of doing for the motherland and his honesty

    • bhai bhek to abhi endia mangi rha hai, $75bn ki ……. makroooh shakal ka pm chatne ja rha hai baar baat middle east……

  • Kekra-I sounds likea negative risk whereas such an expensive proposition may be undertaken on a positive risk.however, risk element would always be there.

  • jab dunya haqeeeqat tv dekh ker bari hogi to aisa hi hoga …….. 24h mein 24 videos mein phenkta hai subha shaam

  • I think there was one another eliment to not show the real thing and that was international presure from some countries because if Pakistan was discoverd that oil ? then they can stand with full confidence in oil market and may be Pakistan don’t need any moor help it is very poor reason but may be some security measures is also there

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