State of Manipur Announces Independence from India, Seeks UN Recognition

The BJP’s mission of Akhand Bharat or undivided India has been laid to the ground by one of its own states, Manipur, as separatist leaders have announced to form a government-in-exile in Britain.

The move comes at a time when India is facing backlash from the world community on its unilateral decision to annex the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The announcement was made on Tuesday on behalf of Maharaja of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba. The two leaders who made the announcement were Yamben Biren and Narengbam Samarjit, who will be the Chief Minister and Minister of External Affairs and Defence respectively for Manipur State Council.

After decades of violent independent campaigns in the formerly princely northeastern state – Manipur became a part of India in 1949. The Manipuri leaders have finally declared Manipur to be a separate state, adding that they will push the United Nations and other countries to recognize their just struggle and give them the status of an independent state.

We call on all the governments of the sovereign states of the members of the United Nations for their recognition of the de jure and exile government of Manipur from today onwards.

The leaders have claimed to be granted political asylum in the United Kingdom and that they have been trying “to engage with the Indian government”, however, they were “met with hate and hostilities”.

The state of Manipur has a population of 2.8 million and belongs to a group of 7 sister states in northeastern India where instability and armed conflicts run rampant.

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  • Nagaland and Assam have historically demanded separatism. But this is highly unlikely to manifest, owing to India’s military prowess. Historically, rebellions and separatists have come and gone. The mightier military state has always conquered them. It’d be interesting if China intervenes.

  • Misleading title as always. Do you think a group of separatists making a GiE in UK means that the state is independent now? Grow up. This is not even close to Kashmir dispute which is already a burning fire.

    • There is nothing misleading in the title. They have announced independence and that’s what is in the title.

  • This is a trap perfectly set for Pakistan. It would be better for us to ignore. Even if we do as much as sympathize with this, Indians will jump all across us and shout on top of their lungs that we are supporting rebels. Look at the set up, the banners and the Kashmir scenario. This is a perfect trap.

  • Pakistan should co-ordinate with China and other non-US influenced countries to recognize and put up case in the UN Security Council for recognition. Invest money to propagate in International media as well. It is now responsibility of Pakistani media to discuss in the backdrop of Akhand Bharat and Hindutva which include annexation of Afghanistan and converting Afghanis as Hindu.

    • It would be interesting to see indians better called randians trying to offer mutar cola to afghans/taliban. They will make them drown in mutar cola. A pawitr death!!

    • yeh zarori hy ky ham har kisi ky mamly main tang arrain.?
      yar pehly apny Mulk ky masly hal karo mualana ko sambhalo Balochistan ki razi karo FATA ky sath corporate kar(sirf inzimama kar deny sy mala hal nahin huwa). money laundering roko international trade ko ground do.
      pehly apny ghar ky masly hal kye jaty hen.

      • Train main agg sadiqabad main lagi hy marizon ko multan laya ja raha hy South Punjab main burnt units nahin hy yehi hal sindh balochistan ka hy. Education system hamara bekar hy helath facilities hamaruy mulk main nahin hen aur ham bharat ko torrna chah rahy hen ALLAH ka nam lo tum parhy likhy log ho qaom ko sambhalny ky zimadar ho inhen sahi direction do

      • @Patriotic Extremist bhai meri trf se india gaya tail lene. Apna usool seedha he, hum chairain ge nhe aur agr hum ko chaira to chorain ge nhe. wo to Salim sb k comments se khayal aya k kiya hoga. :) aur waise it is good to be extremist when it comes to patriotism.

  • Fazlu aur doosray shaitanoo ki rasi Muter Cola Moodi Kay hath may hay Jo Akhand Bharat (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan ko Bharat me Zam karna) aur inkay logon ko Hindu banana (Hindutva) chahata hay.

    • shudhi aur singhtan tehreek bhi chali thi, Pakistan ka banna zaroori hua. kisi k chahny se kuch nhe hota. Hoga wo jo Allah chahain ge.

  • LEL what about Balochistan and Sindh there leaders have been campaigning for separate state for over a decade?

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