Ministry of Petroleum Officials Are Causing Problems in The North-South Gas Pipeline Project: Report

Some officials in the Ministry of Petroleum and its subsidiaries are trying their best to create hurdles for the North-South Gas Pipeline project, says a report from a local news website.

These officials have raised unnecessary objections on TMK, a Russian company that has a good reputation throughout the world.


TMK is recognized as a high-standard company in countries like the UK and the US. It is not banned or blacklisted anywhere in the world and is currently running a joint venture with Saudi Arabia’s largest oil company Aramco.

However, influential people in the power corridors are trying to replace TMK with their favorite companies, all to get kickbacks.

The agreement for this project was signed between the governments of Pakistan and Russia, and the Russian government nominated TMK themselves.

As per our information, the Russian government has agreed to bear 100% of the cost of the project.

But, some officials in the ministry are determined to shelve the project by claiming that the company is blacklisted in the US, hence, not authorized to operate in Pakistan.

The management of TMK has categorically rejected the objections, terming it false and untrue.

The authorities and the management of the company are going to hold final talks to resolve the matter in December this year. Officials of the ministry were not available to comment on this matter.

Via: Tribune

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