Pakistan Navy Gets “Behr Masah” to Search Natural Reserves Under Seawater

“Behr Masah” is the latest ship to be commissioned in the formidable fleet of the Pakistan Navy. The official commissioning ceremony was held on Monday at Karachi.

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi said that with the induction of “Behr Masah” into the naval fleet, naval research and sailing capacity of Pakistan Navy has reached unprecedented levels.

“Behr Masah” is a survey ship developed by China’s Dajin Shipyard. The newly inducted survey and research ship will be central in boosting the operational capabilities of the Pakistan Navy.

As per the official naval sources, “Behr Masah” is armed with state of the art contemporary survey and research equipment.

Soon, “Behr Masah” will play its part in searching the untapped natural reserves within the country’s maritime boundaries.

Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi appreciated the staff of Dajin Shipyard for delivering a quality product on time. “Behr Masah” is a manifestation of the deep-rooted relations of China and Pakistan.

Admiral Abbasi said that Pakistan is now able to assist its military allies in the field of hydrography.

  • This is for exploration of “untapped natural reserves within the country’s maritime boundaries” by a national Navy. Nowhere else in the world will you find tax payers money being invested so wisely by a national Navy. We should be proud of yet another 1st.

  • What is PAKISTAN NAVY doing in terms of exploring natural reserves? aren’t they protecting Pakistani seas from infiltrators? Another news For-Profit Army.. Sad day

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